Atlantic Lottery Corporation Launching iCasino Platform

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Canada-based ALC plans to launch iCasino to offer online casino games.

Atlantic Lottery Corporation has initiated discussion with the Newfoundland and Labrador government this year. The discussions are about the proposal for developing an iCasino Platform to Atlantic provinces’ residents. ALC calls the project “iCasino” which is an online platform that will offer mobile slot games and online casino games.

ALC Meets with NL Government

Atlantic Lottery’s CEO Brent Scrimshaw has met with Finance Minister Cathy Bennett earlier this year. The ALC has given a presentation about the iCasino proposal. ALC’s proposal emphasized the current issues it is facing such as the evolving gaming landscape and online gaming options. It has also noted that e-gaming is seen as the next step for lottery games.

While the provincial government has told the press that ALC’s iCasino project isn’t a priority at the moment, it aims to develop more advance yet regulated games launched in appropriate channels. ALC and the NL government are currently discussing gaming regulations and policies which the provincial government will strictly implement.

A Quick Look at ALC’s iCasino Proposal

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation has presented pitches to receive approvals from the provincial government. It has also requested for procurement and software development within the year. The iCasino platform looks at an early 2017 launch. ALC’s iCasino will offer favourite online games such as slot games and table games.

The ALC is more than prepared to launch the iCasino platform. It already has an online portal that players can easily access. The ALC has also a userbase management system. With this in mind, iCasino’s development will cost a little for the ALC. iCasino is intended to offer games that NL residents are already playing. One of the objectives is to prevent players to wager on offshore casino sites.

“This is about player safety in an offshore online gambling world that is already the gambling destination of thousands of Atlantic Canadians, and tens of millions of Atlantic Canadian dollars,” the provincial government stated.

Will iCasino Increase Revenues for the ALC?

People can easily access online games nowadays. It’s a given that these online casino games will increase profit margins for the Atlantic Lottery. It will offer the iCasino platform in British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba, and Ontario.

The NL government sees that the iCasino platform will be very profitable. It will advise Atlantic Lottery to moderate its operations in these areas. Industry analysts estimated that iCasino will bring in $122 million net revenue and $80 million net profit in over 7 years.