Brighten Your Day With the Funniest iOS Apps

Everyone occasionally needs a laugh, so some iOS apps were designed to provide bursts of humor. From trending news to outrageous memes, more and more hilarious things are coming from the internet. These wild creations are the perfect addition to spice up everyday life. As more and more people rely on their smartphones for entertainment, the door has been opened to a flood of new creations. Not wanting to miss out on the bonanza, companies are scrambling to get a piece of the action.

Now there’s a slew of apps that let users access and create the best content on the internet. There’s a million ways to brighten your day, but funny pictures/videos steal the show. These come in the form of memes and homemade videos, which both have the power to take the internet by storm. Out of all the platforms, none are more robust than the App Store.

There’s a slew of apps at our disposal, so there’s no reason to have to endure a dull moment. To ensure our viewers were covered, we compiled a list of the funniest iOS apps. These allow anyone to see or make the most hilarious things online, so quit sulking and start laughing!

Funniest iOS Apps Everyone Should Have

funniest iOS apps
Stick to the basics with this classic app!

Hilarious App #3: iSwap Faces – Sometimes, the simple things are what end up stealing the show. This program is extremely basic, since it only focuses on one feature. By swapping faces, you can create some delightful unwanted duality. This silly trade can transform simple photos into comedic masterpieces. There are literally no rules, since users can even swap faces from humans to animals. Once your creation is ready, you can post it on social media for the world to see!

funniest iOS apps
Get the best news on the web!

Hilarious App #2: Reddit – Over the years, this online community has dominated the internet with its wide range of content. From scientific debates to legal advice, this website has it all. Even though it has a lot of educational information, it’s also home to some of the most hilarious content online. It’s the showroom for the world’s best memes, so they have access to what’s trending online.

While their epic selection of content is impressive, their new app is even more entertaining. Reddit highlights the funniest images ever posted on the internet. They are separated into topics, so you can easily find the genre that makes you laugh. The selection of funny photos provided by this app is unmatched, so enjoy the best picks from around the web!

funniest iOS apps
Create something that goes viral!

Hilarious App #1: – This app has the potential to create videos that take over social media, so it had to top our list. Instead of waiting for entertainment, it’s time to put yourself in the driver seat when it comes to new content. allows users to take up to 15 second videos and turn them into masterpieces. The videos can be put in slow motion, hyper speed or time-lapse.

There are also a slew of filters and effects, but the soundtrack is where this app shines. They have a massive collection of music that ranges from rap to pop. The sky is the limit, so add the effects that make any video hilarious. Once your creation is complete, unleash it on the world by posting it on social media!