Best Canadian Slot Machine Apps that Don’t Require Internet

Best Slot Machine Apps that Don't Require Internet
Best Slot Machine Apps that Don’t Require Internet

Best slot machine apps are not difficult to find. With so many slot machine apps at app stores, you might get confused as to which is the best to download and best to play. But there are ways to find the best slot machine apps for your iPhone. Look out for the following to search the best slot machine apps for your iPhone:

  • Best slot machine apps have high rating at app stores.
  • These slot machine apps are loaded with awesome slots to play
  • Also best slot machine apps have wonderful game features
  • You are offered generous free money as coins or credits to play slots
  • Moreover, best slot machine apps doesn’t have much of in between ads to disturb you when you spin the slots reels
  • Finally, the best slot machine apps also work offline.
free internet slot games apps
free internet slot games apps

If you are here to find the best slot machine apps that work without internet or offline then here are the best slot machine apps that don’t need internet. It doesn’t mean that these best slot machine apps will cost you extra. No, they are all free.  Now enjoy these offline slot casino games on iPhone without a net or WIFI connection. Remember with the best slot machine apps you can play slots for free or with real money and we will discuss here both such best slot machine apps for your iPhone.

If you have enjoyed playing video slots on a computer, you will love them on your iPhone too.

There are hundreds of free casino slot games for iPhone, and today we will discuss the top best slot machine apps around. iPhone slot machine apps are easy to play on the move. There is no bar as such for you to enjoy the excitement of the best casinos at home.

The challenge is to find out the best slot machine app for the iPhone and enjoy the games.

Best Slot machine apps that are free and don’t need internet service

Keep reading to find the best offline slot machine apps that don’t require an internet connection to play for free.

10. Slots- Hot Vegas

– Version: 1.203
– Size: 271.8 MB
– Seller: Super Lucky Casino Inc.
– Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later


9. Scatter Slots

– Version: 3.56.0
– Size: 256.1 MB
– Seller: Murka Entertainment Limited
– Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later


8. Slots Era

– Version: 1.57.0
– Size: 265.8 MB
– Seller: Murka Entertainment Limited
– Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later


7. Infinity slots

– Version: 5.8
– Size: 259 MB
– Seller: Murka Entertainment Limited
– Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later

Infinity slots app for iPhone
Infinity slots app for iPhone

6. Xtreme Slots

– Version: 5.24
– Size: 495.5 MB
– Seller: Meme, Inc
– Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later

Xtreme Slots- Offline App
Xtreme slots app

5. Slots – Pyramid Spirits 3

– Version:
– Size: 72.4 MB
– Seller: ZENTRONIC GmbH
– Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later

Slots - Pyramid Spirits 3
Slots – Pyramid Spirits 3

– Multi-denomination games
– 10 thrilling exclusive bonus games
– Multi-level progressive jackpots

4. House of Fun

– Version: 3.31
– Size: 207.9 MB
– Seller: Playtika
– Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later


– Best slots game with diverse styles, and at no cost
– Huge free casino spins
– Various slot machine betting options

3. Slots Golden Tomb 

– Version: 3.3
– Size: 74.5 MB
– Seller: Lions House Games Ltd
– Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later


– Hard to believe payouts
– FREE daily gold coins
– 3 deluxe mini-games to max your payouts

2. Slots Seasons™

– Version: 2.9
– Size: 58.2 MB
– Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later

Slots Season
Slots Season

– Gigantic free spins: up to 50 times
– Numerous betting options
– Additional bonus chips each hour

1. Willy Wonka Slots

– Version: 72.0.195
– Size: 188.1 MB
– Seller: Zynga
– Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later


– Several betting options
– Obtain boosters to increase your winnings up to 10 times
– Added bonus credits each hour

A common feature for all these game apps is – offline mode on hand: free to play with or without an internet connection.

Best Slot Machine Apps for Real Money and don’t require internet

Spin casino Best slot machine apps
Spin casino Best slot machine apps

There are also the best slot machine apps for real money and they also don’t require an online connection.

If you want to download a particular slot, you’re going to have to play for free and won’t be able to bag yourself real money wins. However, there is a very simple way to play offline casino slots for real money, and that’s by downloading the casino software or apps instead! Many of the world’s top casinos offer software and the best slot machine apps that can be easily downloaded to your desktop and mobile device respectively, including Apple, Windows and Android smartphones and tablets.

To download the casino software, simply choose one of our recommended casinos (then head to the casino website on your iPhone device of choice and look for the download link. It’s then just a case of following on-screen instructions.

Also to download the best slot machine app, all you have to do is head to your app store, search the casino name and hit download. As an example, Royal Vegas Casino or Gaming Club Casino Canada has their respective slot machine apps at app stores.

Why play the best slot machine apps offline?

Games to enjoy at Gaming Club Casino Canada with your iPhone
Gaming Club Casino Canada- Games to enjoy

This is one of the most intriguing questions asked by many players as to why to play the best slot machine apps offline. Well, there are many factors why punters love offline gaming:

At best slot machine apps offline you can get access to all the games especially if you are working on a Casino App.

While it’s possible to download singular slot machine apps to play without an internet connection, downloading the casino software and best slot machine apps is a great alternative and the best way forward. If you choose to do this, you’ll be able to access a much wider range of excellent games, hosted by the best online casinos in the business.

One of the biggest benefits of downloading casinos to your desktop or mobile device is that it enables players to access real money games without an internet connection. Not only that, but playing offline slots for real money offers security to those who are worried about their details being intercepted.

A second reason to play the best slot machine apps offline is that they save your mobile data. If you are using a mobile hotspot to play the best slot machine apps online your mobile will run out of internet data fast. Therefore the best way many punters who don’t afford a WIFI connection choose to download the best slot machine apps on their iPhone is to save money.

Whatever the reason maybe it’s the player who decides to play the best slot machine apps offline or online.

Which best slot machine apps you cannot play without the internet?

Spin Casino Live Casino
Spin Casino Live casino

Now that you have come to know the best slot machine apps for free and the best slot machine apps for real money that work offline, it’s time to tell you which best slot machine apps you cannot play without the internet. It’s not surprising that among thousands of casino games at online casinos in Canada, there are hundreds of them that require an internet connection. So here are the best slot machine apps that need internet or work only on online mode:

Progressive slot machine apps

Yes, what you are reading is true. Progressive slot machine apps like Mega Moolah cannot work without the internet if you choose to play them with real money. Though many of the progressive slot machine apps are for real money only, few online casinos offer them for free to play just to understand the game.

While most slots have a top prize that’s fixed, progressive jackpot slots grow over time. Whenever a player places a real money bet on a progressive slot machine, a portion of the bet gets added to the prize pool. Since progressive slot machine apps are networked across multiple sites or live venues, the most popular games grow rapidly and have prizes worth millions. So these slot machine apps require internet

Live slot machine apps

Many best slot machine apps are at live casinos where you play the game against a live dealer. These live games are streamed from a live studio and 100% require the internet to stream them to your mobile or PC. Also, live slot machine apps cannot be played for free, they require real CAD to play and win.

Sports betting apps

Sports betting apps also require the internet and you have to place a bet in a real environment especially when there is a live sports event or a live horse race on the show. Filling a bet slip with real CAD allows you to bet on real sports in real-time at online bookies or online casinos.

Disadvantages of best slot machine apps that don’t require internet


Though there are advantages of best slot machine apps that work offline if they are free games to play, with real money slot machine apps there are more disadvantages. As said above you cannot play all games offline at casinos.

Space on mobile

Downloading a casino lobby or slot machine requires some amount of hardware space. At this time, the My Jackpot app is 77M on Google Play. The app is updated all the time so the file size is subject to change based on new or updated features.

77M isn’t a ton of space but in today’s world, you might already have 1000s of selfies on your phone that are waiting to go on Instagram (or are already up there). So if your mobile download capacity is already near its limit, you might need to make some hard choices and find some selfies to delete. We suggest playing instant slot machine apps or instant online casinos on your iPhone and saving space on your mobile.

You cannot track your progress

As nothing is perfect in this world and even if you’re very happy about free slot machine apps, there are always shortcomings. Namely the advertisements. Revenue must be generated somehow. There are services reps, IT staff and developers that are working on this project and have to be paid. One way these free games do that is through ads.

Some of the ads feature in-app purchases. These are totally optional, however, and don’t feel obligated to pay for more coins unless you want to. These offers aren’t very intrusive and don’t diminish gameplay to the point where we were having a bad time, but they do exist.

Additionally, some slot players might hope for offline play on downloadable slots. Unfortunately, this is rarely possible. Keeping track of your wins and losses requires an Internet connection, otherwise, your progress cannot be monitored.

You cannot make a deposit to play real money games

In an offline mode, you cannot make a deposit with real cash at an online casino or at a slot machine to play it with real money. Offline mode best suits free games but not real money casinos or real money slot machine apps.

Get ready for the games that don’t require internet

All these slot apps for iPhone are famous and unconditionally fun to play. If you are still wondering how offline slot games work without the internet then note that some apps will run fine even when not connected online but all you need is to update your stats and notifications when you do connect them.  As for in-app purchases if you want to get more out of the game likewise you can get these offline slot games to go online too. Or many slot game apps work at different game levels and so to upgrade yourself to the higher level of the game or get into one of the game’s leaderboards you need a connection to work on. Also, few games have multiplayer functionality which also requires a connection.

When you download any offline slot machine app it is best to test whether it works without any internet or not by just turning off your wifi. If it works well and is good and if not you obviously need to find the one that works without it.

Having offline slot machine apps on your iPhone you free yourself from popping ads in between the apps. But finally, it is your choice to get offline slot machine apps or not. It is all about the fun and the gameplay.

Here on, we review some of the trendy online slots in Canada, all available for free.

Browse our guide section, look at all the different apps in there and have fun playing the best games around. Remember, our goal is to help you find the best slots for your iPhone in a hassle-free way.


These are some of the most amazing online slots that do not require any internet. You can enjoy them in offline mode too.