Expect the Biggest Changes to iPhone 11 as per Leaked Images

The release date of Apple’s new iPhone is getting closer to a release and as per the leak of an image online, it is assumed that there is a major change that you can see in this phone.

The curiosity and excitement around the new iPhone 11 continue to grow with Apple which is expected to release its new phone in the coming next few months.

It is expected to release in September 2019 and Apple is dedicated to unveil its next-generation phones at its usual global event in California.

As there is sufficient time in the release of the next product of the iPhone, the rumors and leaks continue to float across the web.

Faster Processor & Improved Battery Life

Expect the Biggest Changes to iPhone 11 as per Leaked Images 1

There are several numerous reports that the next smartphone from Apple will have a faster processor, improved battery life and even the possible addition of reverse wireless charging which will allow the phone to recharge other devices including the latest AirPods.

But best of all, the most prominent update to this new call maker could be the integration of a triple rear camera. Fans might have spotted a series of concepts and mock-ups, which displays how this design will look. Now some new images have also been leaked with another great view of what might be there from the US technology tycoon.

Feature Rich Cameras

Expect the Biggest Changes to iPhone 11 as per Leaked Images 2

As per these photos, the trio of cameras is clearly visible on the rear case. It appears that this lens setup will bring improved zoom and a wide-angle option to this smartphone. This type of camera is also adopted by the Android devices and it seems almost certain that Apple will follow with its own photography boost.

The latest leaked photos also clearly display that the iPhone 11 will continue to stick with its notch design. There are some other manufacturers who have been trying to hide the front-facing camera in a creative and imaginative way. One such example is, OnePlus is tucking their selfie snapper inside the phone via a pop-up mechanism.

We have to wait and watch how these new renders look to the real thing. In addition to the iPhone 11, Apple is also about to introduce a new iPhone XR and there’s plenty to expect from this cheaper device.


If the leaked images are to be believed a dual camera can clearly be seen in one of the photos which are the sign that the users will get an improved experience when trying to add DSLR-style depth of field to their pictures.

Of course, you would not get any confirmation from Apple as it always stays tight-lipped about its devices. Just wait and watch.