Explore the Worst iOS Games Ever Made

The App Store may be home to the best games in the world, but they still had their blunders. Not all gamess are created equal, & this is especially apparent with some releases. Since anyone can create an app, the flood gates have opened for a slew of bad ideas. These games may puzzle users with their outlandish premises, but that didn’t stop developers from releasing them. They defy common sense, but that’s nothing new in the app industry.

Even though some iOS games flopped horribly, there’s something to be learned from their mistakes. Against all odds, these developers pursued their passion. This may be commendable, but there’s something to be said about taking a good look in the mirror. Realizing that something is a bad idea is a lot easier when it happens before you invest in it. It’s hard to see this in the moment, but only learning in hindsight can be costly. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the worst iOS games ever made. These releases baffled players, so prepare to be entertained by their outrageous storylines!

Worst iOS Games Ever Made

Worst iOS Games
These games will blow you away!

iOS Game #1: Super Turk – This game may embody Turkish innovation, but it still confused players from around the world. Developer Dzllcom Inc. tried to outdo Marvel with a unique super hero of their own. Instead of relying on common storylines, they decided to bring a Turkish legend to life. That would have been fine if Super Turk’s powers were powerful, but they are remarkably unimpressive.

Instead of manipulating gravity or taking out bad guys, Super Turk focuses on ridding the world of flies. As the screen fills up with these unwanted insects, it’s your job to blast these pesky critters with lazer beams. These are shot out of Super Turk’s eyes, so there’s no need to rely on chance. As the beams shoot out of this lackluster superhero’s skull, many players wonder what they are doing with their life. This is undoubtedly one of the most anti-climactic games of all-time, but that didn’t stop it from being released. If you share Super Turk’s hatred of flies, this game is for you. If not, it’s best to just laugh & move onto a better release.

iOS Game #2: Pony Unicorn Astronaut – This puzzling release pits a beautiful pony against the fury of outer-space. Once the games starts, users have to guide an adorable four legged astronaut through a maze of meteors. Allegedly it’s moving at the speed of light, so if it hits a meteor it dies on impact. This fatality is welcomed with a twinkling burst of sparkles.

This blatant disregard for the lives of animals caused immediate outrage upon its release. While accidentally murdering a pony is encouraged, the premise of the game never gets completely explained. How this gorgeous creature made it into space is anyone’s guess, but your best bet is to leave it a mystery.

iOS Game #3: Jump Rope! – Playing this sport is fun in real life, but it sure makes a ridiculous app. Instead of sticking to a traditional script, developer K.K. Amuzenet went the extra mile with the story line. Their bizarre theme follows a man who sleeps on a park bench. For some reason, he is forced to jump rope. As his skills advance, he inspires more homeless people to join him.

By the end of game, a team of park dwellers are jumping rope in harmony. If only things were this simple, we could solve the world’s homeless issue with a game of jump rope! This is extremely puzzling to think about, but it’s even weirder to play.