INFOGRAPHIC: A Beginner’s Guide To Playing Online Slots Canada

how to play slots infographic
how to play slots infographic

Are you new to playing casino games? Here’s our beginner’s guide to playing online slots. Learn to play mobile casino slots to win big.

Slots are the most popular and exciting casino games to enjoy at online casinos by playing with your laptop or even with your iPhone or Android cell phone and tablet. If you are a novice in playing slots but are amazed at the bright colours of the slot machines and their glamour at the casinos then this guide is certainly will help you. The outstanding animations and graphics, video effects and high payout ratio will lure you to try these machines and try your luck to win too.

Guide To Playing Online Slots

So are you afraid to venture into the casino or at the sight of a slot game how to start then first you need to understand how such slot machines work and what they wish to say about the player before you touch them to spin the reels. Even if you are already an experienced casino player, and you have been playing offline in real big casinos it can be a bit different from online.

The slot machine structure

Guide To Playing Online Slots
The slot machine structure

Admired the looks of the slot machine at online casinos? Now your turn to get inside them deeper. So what do you see in such machines apart from the great sound, lights and graphics? Well look again there is each online slot has a general number of buttons and features.

Before you begin looking at the infographic and understand the buttons here and understand them in brief before going below into detail

  1. Play Button– This is to press or click to start your game show
  2. Bet One/Max– Clicking this button will allow you to set your bets. You can choose to have a low bet say a few cents or a dollar to higher stakes as much as you wish or as much the game offers you to bet the maximum. For example, from 0.5 to 100 coins. This means you can bet half a coin on every spin, 100 coins, or anything in between. Needless to say, the higher your Bet Amount is, the higher the reward will be.
  3. Paylines- These have been explained in detail below in this post. Just here you can say they are winning combinations that appear on lines. More active lines give more chances to win. Most slot games give you the option to decide how many Pay Lines you wish to play, and you’ll need to multiply that by the Bet Amount. If you decide to play with 2 coins and choose five Pay Lines, you will bet 10 coins on every spin. The higher the risks are, the higher the rewards. Once you made these two decisions, you are ready to play. The only other decision you’ll need to make is a very simple one: to click yourself every time on the Play button or select AutoPlay.
  4. Autoplay- Almost all of the slot games have this feature where you need not spin manually but click on Autoplay and this button will do the no-stop spins for you.
  5. Coins- Most slot machines also have this button which can use to point to coins’ value. The term ‘coins’ is used to simplify the user experience. Instead of dealing all the time with exchange rates, in each country, the term ‘coin’ refers to the local currency.
  6. Info/Paytable- Almost all the slot machines have this button where you can click and find more information and details about the game; how can you play, the rules of the game, symbols and bonuses in the game.
  7. Cashier- When you click this button you are taken to the cashier page where you can make a deposit or even cash out your winnings while playing the slot game
  8. Option- This button is also important in any slot game as with this you can either change the sound, mute or low or loud the sound as well as same brightness and contrast to low or high as you wish as well as how you wish the spin features all this can be customized with this button.

So you are all set to enjoy the slot game. But there are certain things you need to do first. Here is the list of these you should follow

  • Select a casino: You need to choose a reputed online casino that suits all your requirements, criteria and all the benefits that may be derived from it like the bonuses and other offers you may need to play.
  • Next visit the casino’s website: Type the casino URL on your web browser or cell phone browser then look at the casino, and analyze it by reviewing its license, games offered, methods of deposit and withdrawal bonuses it offers and customer support. You can find all this in their about us, banking, games, and contact or support sections of the website.
  • Now see how they offer you to get started. Do they ask you to download the free software or open the no download casino in your browser; this may cause delay sometimes but if players want to play for a period of time, this is necessary. Many casinos these days offer instant games where you need not download anything but just click on the choice of your game and play. Also, most online casinos have mobile apps to download to enjoy some of the best casino games on cell phones and tablets.
  • Also, the casino will ask you to register an account by entering your details; be careful with the details that you would set up. All the winnings and important facts will be sent to this contact details. This is of course done in an online casino only. It is necessary to sign up or register your account if you wish to play or gamble with real money.
  • Now visit the casinos’ Cashier section to make a deposit; in some slot machines there is a cashier button as shown in the infographic and you will at once be taken to the cashier page or section to make the deposit to play the slot game.
  • Claim your sign-up bonus; before starting a real game, you must claim the first initial bonus to use for the initial play. This may be a very good start to avoid losing big money.
  • Select a slot machine from the casino’s game menu; Select a bet size; a lot of options are offered, if you want a bigger prize, you must put in a bigger stake, but if you want to play for a longer time, you must put a smaller stake.
  • Press spin to start playing and wish for better luck.

Know the Paylines

The most important parts are reels, paylines and symbols. Actually, almost all such games have 5 reels but the number of paylines can be different as more activated lines give more chances to win playing a slot. Well, on paylines appear combinations of symbols and you have to collect only winning combos on these lines. Use the Info or Paytable button to find detailed information about winning combinations on lines.

As said above there are other buttons. For example, Bet One and Bet Max. They help to set your bet. Be careful and play with low bets if you are new here. It is the golden rule for those who want to learn how to win by playing slot machines. Also, don’t forget to practice using demo versions.

Multiple Payline Structured Slots

You are often going to select a slot game to play based on your available bankroll, and in most cases, this will allow you to play a slot with all of its available paylines in play, for by doing so you are never going to see a winning combination spinning in on a payline you haven’t put into play.

Types of payline structures you will find in slot games

Single Payline Slots

A Classic slot game or the Fruit Machine games such as the Bundle in the Jungle slot found online all usually offer just one single payline, do be aware thought the latter named games do come with a huge number of bonus features, and as such if you are looking for easy to play slots then opt to play the Classic slots instead, one good one to play is the Cash Clams Slot.

Cash Clams Slot
Cash Clams Slot

Three Payline Slots

You will find quite a number of three payline slots online, but you need to be aware that these games often reward maximum line players with a larger jackpot, so if you fancy playing such a slot do consider giving the Jewel Thief Slot game a whirl and play it with all three lines in play.

Five Payline Slots 

You will not find lots of 5 payline slots available online, but if you do play at a Microgaming-powered casino then do check out their Crazy Chameleons Slot, for when you play this game all winning combinations can be formed both ways.

Nine Payline Slots

You will often find the 9 payline slot games available online are weighted, which means to get the best winning chances you need to play all of the 9 paylines to get the best long-term payout percentage, and as such always play maximum lines spins when playing this type of slot online.

Cash Splash Slot
Cash Splash Slot

Fifteen  Payline Slots

Many progressive slot games boast a 15 payline structure, and one such slot is the Cash Splash Video Slot game, a large base game jackpot is offered on this slot but by always playing 15 paylines activated you get the chance of winning a huge jackpot on each spin set into motion.

Twenty Payline Slots

The most commonly played slot games are the 20 payline slots, for these slots allow you to play a fairly large number of spins for low stakes and can also offer a range of unique bonus games.

Twenty-Five Payline Slots

There are hundreds of 25 payline slot games accessible online, and as such if you fancy playing one or more of them, then check out our individual slot game reviews as we are finding it hard to pick one of them which is better than all the rest of them.

Thirty Payline Slots

You will find 30 payline slots not only available as standard slot games but several of them are used as the base game in slot tournaments, one such slot which is always guaranteed to offer plenty of entertainment and winning opportunities is the Mad Hatters Slot.

Forty Payline Slots

Only a small number of online slot game designers have launched 40 payline slots, so you will have to do some research to find out just which casinos offer these types of slot machines, Microgaming-powered sites for reference have a large collection of 40 payline slots.

Fifty Payline Slots

If it is 50 payline slots you fancy playing then make sure you give the Gladiator Slot a try, for this slot will give you a set of 100 free spins whenever three or more scatter symbols drop into view.

Gladiator Slot
Gladiator Slot

Hundred Payline Slots 

The maximum number of adjustable paylines you are going to find attached to online slot games is 100, and one slot which is perfect for anyone looking to play such a game is the Cashapillar Slot.

All Ways Structured Slot Games

The following types of slot games allow you to play every permutation of payline that is visible on the slot game screen. These types of slots are proving very popular as there is one set fee being required to pay hundreds or thousands of ways to win per spin played.

243 Ways to Win Slots

The beauty of playing the 243 ways to win slots or in fact any of the other slots mentioned below is that just one small set number of coins is required to play them., For example, the Burning Desire Slot lets you play 243 ways to win just 25 coins.

Burning Desire slot
Burning Desire slot

72 Ways to Win Slots

IGT has launched many 720 ways to win slot games, and the popularity of their online slot games is due to those slots originally starting life as land-based slot games, so when playing at a site offering their suite of games you will come across lots of slots you may just have played before.

1024 Ways to Win Slots 

You will often find you need to wager a higher number of coins into play if you choose to play the 1024 slot games and as such if you have a limited budget then do consider playing the 243 ways to win slots instead.

3125 Ways to Win Slots

So far the largest number of ways to win we have found on offer on an online slot game is 3125, and should you want the absolute chances of spinning in a winning combination then do give Microgaming’s Dolphin Coast Slot game some playtime.

So now that you know the paylines you are all set to start the slot game to play.


We hope this beginner’s guide will help you understand how slot machines work in their entirety.