How to know that you now need to replace your iPhone?

Is it time to change your iPhone

Many users have asked this question to us as how to know that now its time up for my iPhone and I need to get a new smartphone. Well, on the lighter side like your teeth shows signs that you need to go to a dentist for a replacement, similarly does your iPhone show signs to give up and have a new phone. Here are some of those signs that your iOS device not asks you to get a new one.

It has stopped getting updates

iOS update on iPhone

As you know each year Apple rolls out iOS updates as well as many other updates to supportold hardware with new versions of its operating system. As iOS 12 is supported by iPhones going all the way back to the iPhone 5s which was released in 2013 and iPads back to the third-generation iPad and iPad mini which were released in 2012. Even if you can live without the new features in the latest verison of iOS, you shouldn’t forego its security updates. Apple even put special effort into making iOS 12 run better on older devices that earlier versions of iOS. So if you can’t run iOS 12, it’s definitely time to give up your iPhone. Not only are earlier versions of iOS missing important features, but there are critical security updates in every iOS release, so for that reason its very crucial to do the need of replacement with a new device.

Note that with the release of  iOS 13, it cut off support for the oldest devices supported by iOS 12. So when this happens that your iPhone stops taking new updates its time to discard your old iphone.

It has a broken screen that can’t be fixed

iPhone broken screen

If your iPhone has a cracked or broken screen which cannot be fixed in any way like your cracked tooth it is best sign to change the iphone with a new phone. Note that broken screens your phone hard or even dangerous to use, and of course they’re just frustrating to look at them. Also if the shattered screen can be fixed but costs too much then also better to get a new phone putting that repair money into the new purchase.

If iPhone Cameras are outdated

iPhone cameras

The new iPhone cameras just click amazing photos and videos. But remember as your phone becomes worn out so does it parts like any human body. Phone cameras get better every year, and Apple’s always pushing the envelope. That doesn’t mean you have to get a new phone every year, but it does mean that the photos taken by an iPhone just three or four years old are going to look way worse than a new one. Everyone has a different level of satisfaction with the photos and videos they take, so the need to upgrade for camera quality will vary. But don’t take lackluster photos of life’s ephemeral moments just because you’re too stubborn to replace an aging iPhone that “works fine.”

If you cannot find accessories for iPhone

iPhone accessories

Accessories are part and parcel of any smartphone. Be it screen protector, or a new case but note that with time the accessories for your iPhone model disappear from the market and are not easily available. This is because new phone models are flooded with new accessories and people always want new to buy.  If you even find an accessory for your phone it might not just fit in your old device so though you can find accessories for your particular model at major retailers for years, no one model is popular enough to continue supporting for very long. So if you can’t find accessories that fit or work with your iPhone, it’s definitely time to move on.

If your iPhone lacks storage

iPhone storage

With passing years your iPhone is full of your good and bad memories be it data, photos, videos or other music stuff. Even though there are options for you to have Optimize iPhone Storage enabled in the Photos section of the Settings app or you deleted all the apps you don’t really use and you’ve done everything you can to reduce Other storage and yet you still run out of space on your iPhone. You can’t download that app you want. You get a warning when you try to take photos. You get a warning when you try to update iOS still you get difficulty of storage, if storage limits are preventing you from using your iPhone the way you want to it’s a sign to get a new iPhone.

When these above signs start to show on your device be prepared to look out for an alternative.

Remember having and owing an iPhone is an expensive affair as they cost much but there are options to get a new one which you can talk with your carrier or network provider or get some help from Apple store to solve your issues. Also you always have the option to get an Android new smartphone of a cheaper cost to fit in your budget if you want to switch from iOS to Android. But if you are a hard core fan of iOS then better start saving money till your current iPhone gets old enough so that you can buy a new brand iPhone next time.