How to replace broken or lost AirPods or their charging case

Even after introducing iPhone 7 back in 2016 without a headphone jack, Apple fans have flocked to its wireless audio solution Air Pods. Now in its second version, the fully wireless earbuds have become as iconic as the wired version they replaced.

While the latest version is available with some improvements, there’s one thing Apple can’t improve – the risk of losing one of both Pods and the Wireless Charging Case itself.

At $199 a pair for the latest model, AirPods aren’t the cheapest one out there, but they’re the easiest and certainly the most popular.

Managing several accessories can be tough, especially when you think the AirPods require three specific pieces to function properly. Still, there is all possibility of losing one or all of these is greater than losing a single pair of wired earbuds. And if you happen to lose them, how to get a new set from Apple and what are the charges to replace the AirBuds and their accompanying case?

Replacement will Cost $69

Replacement will Cost $69
Replacement will Cost $69

Replacing individual AirPods costs $69 each. A standard charging case will cost you $59, while the wirelessly charging model will make you shell out $79 to replace.

But what to do if you have all of the parts, but something’s not working correctly? Apple’s AirPods are covered by a one-year warranty. The service for any AirPods with reduced battery capacity within this time frame will be free. Battery maintenance falling outside of a one-year warranty period will cost you $49, for either the AirPods or the charging case.

Where to Replace?

Where to Replace
Where to Replace

You can either go to the Apple Store or the third-party retailer — i.e., Target, Walmart — from where you have purchased your AirPods.

If the vendor does not honor your warranty for whatever reason, visit the Apple Store instead.

You can also contact Apple Support, using the serial number for your product. It is the best option if you cannot visit the Apple Store. On contacting Apple Support they’ll help you determine whether your product is still covered under warranty. If it’s, Apple will ship a replacement AirPod or AirPod case to a designated location of your choosing. You’ll simply have to send the defective product to Apple within 10 days of Apple’s shipping date.