How to unlock a Rogers iPhone

If you have an iPhone from Rogers which is restricted by the network service provider, you will have to unlock it before you can use a different SIM or connection with the same phone. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to unlock Rogers iPhone. If you want, you can do it in a legal way or you can also take a shortcut by jailbreaking it. But jailbreaking might be a risky thing and we always recommend novice users to stay away from it. There are also other options such as “Third Party” unlocking services i.e. that can do that job for you for a minimal fee. Now let’s take a look into all these processes.

Unlocking your iPhone through Rogers

Rogers has an iPhone unlocking policy where it allows its users to unlock their phone. Once you purchase an iPhone from Rogers, you can simply unlock it after 90 days. Just simply take your iPhone to any Rogers store and request for an unlocking service. You can also request Rogers Customer service to unlock your iPhone over the phone. This process takes only a day and it will cost you around $50.

Unlocking your iPhone through a Third Party Service

There are plenty of services that can unlock your Rogers iPhone. Here is how you can unlock your iPhone through

Step 1: Get your IMEI number from the Setting->General->About. You can also get your IMEI number by pressing *#06# and it will give you the 15 digit number. Write it down as you will need it in future.

Step 2: Go to or any other similar sites, select your phone model and put your IMEI number. The site will verify your iPhone and let you know whether it is applicable for unlocking or not. Once it confirms that your iPhone can be unlocked, it will give you a confirmation and ask you for payment. Usually it will be around $35 and the process will take only one business day.

Step 3: Once the site has unlocked your iPhone, it will send you an automated message that the unlocking process has been successful. At this point, you will need to connect your iPhone to your computer and turn on iTunes. It will then identify your iPhone and you will get a message in iTunes if the unlocking process is completed. After this, you will need to set up your phone once again and you will be able to use any SIM in your Rogers iPhone.


Jailbreaking your Rogers iPhone

If you are willing to take the risk, you can also jailbreak your Rogers iPhone but keep in mind that this process will void your warranty and you might also damage your iPhone. But you can still try it. There are different websites that have detailed jailbreaking tutorials and videos on YouTube as well. Just go through them and you will know how to jailbreak your Rogers iPhone. But we are not going to take any responsibilities if anything goes wrong in the jailbreaking process.