Indulge In the Top Casino Games for Xbox 360

Despite being discontinued in 2016, plenty of gamers are still playing their favorite games on Xbox 360. This isn’t surprising, since this beloved console took the industry by storm. When Microsoft first debuted the Xbox 360 in 2005, they greatly underestimated the demand. Starting production only 69 days before launch, they couldn’t keep up with the staggering amount of orders. Fortunately for gamers, they eventually managed to catch up and sold 84 million consoles in 11 years. From Grand Theft Auto V to Halo 3, this console boasted a selection of games that captivated an entire generation.

Faced with the rising costs of purchasing a new console, millions of gamers continue to use their Xbox 360 regularly in 2019. Over 172,000 still play Black Ops 1, and this surprisingly large demographic echoes throughout Xbox 360’s famous game catalogue. The resilience of this console showcases the quality of the releases that the Xbox 360 boasted in its heyday. These timeless classics are still enchanting hundreds of thousands of gamers. From action games to cult classics, the Xbox live community is far from out of options.

Out of the countless games available for Xbox 360, none are more enticing than casino games. From slots to Texas Hold’em, no faucet of social gambling was neglected by Xbox. The best part is, these games managed to make the transition to Xbox One. This allows gamers from both sides of the console to indulge in some of the most vibrant casino options available. To highlight these games’ versatility, we compiled a list of the best casino games for Xbox. These games revolutionized social gaming on consoles, so don’t hesitate to compete with other players online!

Best Casino Games for Xbox 360

Texas Hold’em has never been more immersive…

Casino Game #3: Pure Hold’Em – When this game made its debut, it unintentionally revolutionized online multiplayer Texas Hold’Em. Given who their developers were, this trend wasn’t surprising. When VooFoo Studios created Pure Pool, it became an instant classic. Utilizing 3D graphics, they managed to take the same multiplayer formula and create one of the most revered Texas Hold’em games ever.

What makes Pure Hold’em unique is their refusal to deviate from the original format. Instead of getting distracted with elaborate bonus games, they stick purely to Texas Hold’em. By creating a system that revolves around competition, they manage to attract thousands of players from around the world. This game is available on Xbox One, so there’s no reason to miss out on the action!

Take on other poker players from around the world.

Casino Game #2: Prominence Poker – When 505 Studios created this hit, they tailored it to utilize all of Xbox’s features. Boasting superb graphics and realistic gameplay, this is undoubtedly the best poker game on Xbox. This proved to be a winning combination, and the game exploded in popularity. Over time they created a massive fanbase that routinely engages in fierce competitions. Players get to choose whether they want to confront AI or real life opponents, which gives them time to hone their skills. Even though this game is a direct rival of Pure Hold’Em, both releases are equally worth playing!

Enjoy a surprisingly wide range of casino games.

Casino Game #1: The Four Kings Casino & Slots – When it comes to virtual casino on Xbox, none have a more robust repertoire than Four Kings Casino. Boasting blackjack, slots, bingo and roulette, this is the most complete casino option Xbox players can enjoy. This virtual casino environment is complemented by 3D graphics and a vibrant online community. After creating an avatar, players are able to face off against thousands of other users from around the world. Digital Leisure Inc. outdid themselves with this impressive release by bringing all the advantages of social casino gaming to Xbox!