4 Best Xbox One Controllers to Use in 2024

4 Best Xbox One Controllers to Use
4 Best Xbox One Controllers to Use

Some of the best Xbox One controllers are quite popular in the market at the moment. Buying a controller nowadays is way more convenient than roaming around searching for a Microsoft stock joystick. The era of PC games has changed and with changing times you need to adapt accordingly. Hence, it is the era of controllers and consoles. The right controller can create a big difference in your playstyle.

Razor is the quintessential company and the most trusted one when it comes to buying such amazingly elegant controllers. It is essential to be proper ease and comfortable while playing at your best hence we’ve rounded up the best Xbox controllers for you. Start your year with the right step in the gaming world.

Best Xbox One Controllers to Utilize

1. Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Razer Wolverine Ultimate
Razer Wolverine Ultimate- Best Xbox One Controllers

Beware those with photosensitive epilepsy because the Razer Wolverine Ultimate is everything you need in a controller that resembles a great deal like that of the Xbox Elite Controller with additional flashing lights for those who have a thing for it. Other features include interchangeable analog sticks and directional pads. It also comes with remappable triggers and customize the controller on your own and suit it to your sensitivity level. For a detailed and more effective version of the controller, you can add the vibration effect in both Impulse Trigger and the rumble motors that can make racing and action games look and feel even more engaging.


2. Xbox Design Lab Controller

Xbox Design Lab Controller
v\Xbox Design Lab Controller- Best Xbox One Controllers

You can go for the fully customized gamepad rather than the old black and white controllers. The Xbox Design Lab allows you to create your controller. You can alter the triggers and also assemble the analog sticks for different colours available. You can also go for something sleeker and more subtle, unlike Waluigi. The price tag starts from $65.


3. Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2

Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2
Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2- Best Xbox One Controllers

Unveiled at the E3 2019 the timing could not have been better for the release of Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2 as it was on the day of Black Friday. This is the new version that is better in every way than the older one. The most reliable addition is the shift to a USB-C port for a 40-hour charging battery.

It also comes with interchangeable thumbsticks, paddles, and D-pads. Things like faster trigger speeds and weightier movement and aiming can also be improved because of the ability to adjust the tension of the analog inputs it is the perfect alternative for your old and trashy controller. The price is about $100.


4. Hori Fighting Commander

Hori Fighting Commander
Hori Fighting Commander- Best Xbox One Controllers

Hori Fighting Commander controller resembles a Sega controller from the early ’90s. The controller replaced the analog sticks with a single directional pad and still has a switch to complete functions required in some games.

It is also wired as required in some games. Its configuration is somewhat different than other controllers, as it has RB, RT, LB, and LT buttons placed on the right side, and two extra buttons were also added on the left side. Its design is also more ergonomic than controllers of earlier ones.


5. Xbox One Wireless controller

Xbox One Wireless controller
Xbox One Wireless controller- Best Xbox One Controllers

The original Xbox One Wireless controller is still considered one of the best, harmoniously adjusting to the size of most players’ hands to seamless and more natural games. Despite being available on the market in a certain form since late 2013, it conveniently overrides some of the faults that were present on the controllers of rival platforms. This bolstered Xbox One players with a great build quality with a true D-pad. The latter of the two is necessary for those that enjoy fighting games on a sophisticated and competitive level. The Xbox One Wireless controller’s face as well as shoulder buttons are responsive too, bragged further by the classic unoriented analog stick design.


These are the most amazing and widely used Xbox One Controllers if you are a gaming freak you can try them out.