Find your Parking Place Easily with ParkWhiz Parking App in Toronto Canada

Parking app Canada

ParkWhiz App Canada

ParkWhiz is a parking reservation service that allows users to find, compare prices, and reserve parking spots in advance at various locations throughout North America, including Canada. The service is available through their website and mobile app.

In Canada, ParkWhiz is available in several major cities, such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Edmonton, with more being added over time. The service is available for on-street parking, lots, garages and even for valet service providers.

With this app you will be able to reserve parking at Scotiabank Arena and at over 150 parking locations for airport travellers in downtown Toronto. Inventory for Toronto has been added to the ParkWhiz and best parking apps.

Features of the ParkWhiz App

Parking whizz app

  • With the ParkWhiz app you can find parking in any major city, compare prices, plus save up to 50% when you book in advance.
  • Free yourself from parking hassles by choosing the way you’d like to book with plenty of choices, parking times to suit everyone, close-by locations, on the go on cell phone.
  • You’ll get paperless passes that travel with you, for convenient parking anytime–with savings of up to 50% off drive-up.
  • All in one homescreen for the way you like to book with new larger date and time selection for better ease and accuracy.
  • You can instantly load map, make simple selections and do speedy booking while saving up to 50% off drive-up rate for pain-free city parking.
Parking Whizz App Toronto

Parkwhiz offers many bonus discounts.  If you received a promotional discount code from ParkWhiz, you’ll want to be logged into your ParkWhiz account before applying the code on the checkout page. Make sure you’re using the same email address to log in as the one where you received that coupon!  Note that all discount codes will come from ParkWhiz directly. If you received your code from a third-party website, there’s a significant chance it will not work. Unless specifically noted, discount codes cannot be used for monthly parking.

If you were issued ParkWhiz credit, the credit will automatically deduct from your total on the checkout page before your next purchase. Be sure you’re logged in under the account to which the credit was issued before confirming that purchase, to see the credit applied.

How the Parkwhiz app works?

Parking whizz app Canada

As this app helps you to book in advance your parking space it works simple

  • First download this app from iTunes or app store on your iPhone
  • The first screen lets you search by destination by address, map or past pass.
  • Next pick the pin on the map with the nearby location’s price you like.
  • Now set date and times.
  • Next confirm booking.
  • Once done you get your virtual pass in your phone.

This free app requires iOS 10.0 or later compatible iPhone to work all smooth.

If you want any help you can call at 888-472-7594 or email

Click here for more help and support online.

The app’s refreshed user interface allows attendants to easily tally current and future reservations in real time, eliminating the risk of overselling spaces. The improved search functionality makes it simpler to search bookings by license plate, reservation ID, or customer name and view full reservation details. The built-in QR scanner lets attendants quickly check in drivers—an essential feature for processing high volumes of customers when staff is limited.

ParkWhiz is also working with local parking companies such as TargetPark. Soon, those who did not reserve parking will be able to enter and exit Target Park garages with the ParkWhiz app to pay, “in the coming months.”

The company says they have plans to expand to other cities across Canada and currently ParkWhiz is available in most cities in North America.