How To Use Rocketman Transit App In Canada?

How to use Rocketman Transit App in Canada
How to use Rocketman Transit App in Canada

There are many transit apps for Canadians to use. These transit apps help passengers and movers to get real-time information about buses and metros as well as weather conditions. There is one such transit app called the Rocketman transit app in Canada. This app is best for commuters to Toronto and its surroundings whether you go for TTC, GO Transit and UP Express buses, streetcars, and trains.

With this simple interface this app you can view real-time crowding for buses and schedules, track the streetcar you need to get on along its route, save your most frequent stops, and get transit delay alerts delivered right to you.

Rocketman Transit App in Canada
Rocketman Transit App in Canada

Rocketman transit app gives you the information you need to know to get to your destination with minimal wait time, and preferably on time and also give you a heads-up to see how busy the next bus is with real-time crowding.

What Services Are Covered By Rocketman Transit App In Canada?

Rocketman Transit App Download
Rocketman Transit App Download

Rocketman Transit app in Canada covers the following:

  1. Toronto Transit Commission (TTC): Trusted by an estimated 1.69 million daily riders (on weekdays), the TTC provides access to 75 stations, 163 bus routes, 11 streetcars, and 3 subway lines. Their fast network of transit connections means that you can get around Toronto when you need to, and Rocketman helps you understand how long it’ll take.
  2. Go Transit: This serves the GTA and Hamilton area with its signature green and white transit vehicles, GO sees approximately 70 million riders annually. Over 90% of their 276,500 daily ridership is to and from Union Station in downtown Toronto,
  3. UP Express: The UP Express helps an estimated 10,000 daily riders move between Toronto Pearson International Airport and Union Station. This speedy 25-minute trip means that you (and a reasonable amount of luggage) can be at the airport (or back downtown) faster and on a friendlier budget, and the Rocketman app can tell you if the train is running on time.

When visiting Toronto Hotspots

  • You can catch a TTC bus right out front of the Royal Conservatory of Music on Bloor Street.
  • Get food, and drinks and shop in Toronto’s historic Distillery District; you can access transit options through the nearby Distillery Loop.
  • Also, a short 2-minute walk from Davenport Rd at Walmer road will get you to Toronto’s Historic Casa Loma museum.
  • You can enjoy yourself with a day of history at Black Creek Pioneer Village, which has plenty of transit options through the nearby Pioneer Village Station

Features Of Rocketman Transit App

Rocketman Transit App Features
Rocketman Transit App Features

Whether you take the TTC (Toronto Transit), GO Transit, Brampton Zum, Mississauga Midway, BC Transit, TransLink, Calgary Transit or many other transit agencies, Rocketman allows you to plan ahead and make informed decisions on the go

  • Rocketman is simple, reliable, and easy to use for buses, trains, and streetcars.
  • Getting real-time transit alerts and arrival times is easy with this app
  • You can locate the nearest transit stops to you
  • Find to-the-second arrival times for your bus, streetcar, or train
  • See your bus move along its route in real-time, so you know exactly how long you have to wait
  • Get real-time service delays and alerts relevant to your route
  • Set reminders for arrival times, so you never miss a bus
  • Also, find reports from transit agencies and other riders on how crowded your route is right now*
  • Moreover, get  exclusive offers that are available to Rocketman users only

How To Get Started With Rocketman Transit App In Canada?

To get started with Rocketman Transit App in Canada you need to first download the free app on your Android or iPhone.

Click here to download it on your iPhone

Click here to download it on your Android

Once you have the app installed, you can favourite your preferred stops, group different stops together based on your commute, and set reminders for the next vehicle to arrive.

With Rocketman, you’ll stay up to date throughout your trip with real-time alerts. That way you’ll know if you can stop for a coffee on your way.

You need to give the app access to your location to get the right information. The app recognizes your location only when you allow location access on your device through your device’s settings “While Using the App.” Your location, selected routes, and travel times are not collected or shared.

Rocketman does not collect or share any personal information or geolocation data. The Rocketman app identifies bus, streetcar, and train stops near you, shows vehicle arrival times, shares reports of crowded transit vehicles, and shares a feed of real-time service delay alerts.

Rocketman Transit app supports the following regions

GO Transit
Mississauga MiWay
York Region
Brampton ZUM
Guelph Transit
Hamilton Street Railway
Thunder Bay
Kingston Transit
Ottawa Transit
Burlington Transit
Barrie Transit
Durham Transit
Grand River Transit for Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge GRT
Translink – Metro Vancouver area
BC Transit  
Victoria Regional Transit System
Whistler Regional Transit System
Kelowna Regional Transit System Kamloops Regional Transit System Nanaimo Regional Transit System  
Calgary EdmontonSociété de transport de Laval
STL Société de transport de Montréal
STM  Société de transport de Sherbrooke
STS  Winnipeg Transit
Saskatoon Transit  Metro Transit

Why do you need a Transit app in Toronto Canada?

There are many Transit apps in Canada and why you need one because the city of Toronto has lots of buildings and complex travel routes. So if you are not aware of the city it will be hard time to reach your destination on time. Transit apps are designed to help you stay on top of your commute by tracking buses and giving you real-time information about when you’ll arrive at your destination. Transit apps are useful tools to move around a place that you are not familiar with.

Transit apps
Transit apps

What Are The Other Best Transit apps In Canada?

Besides Rocketman the other best transit apps in Canada are

You can download these free apps from app stores for your cell phones.


Q1. Are there any COVID restrictions on the commute?

If there is a lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic then there might be certain COVID restrictions in Canada.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, some Canadian cities introduced transit fare suspensions and backdoor boarding to encourage physical distancing.

Vancouver, B.C  and Edmonton, Alta. suspended fare collection from March to June, and Montreal, Q.C. did so until August. Toronto, Ont. didn’t suspend fares completely but put a hold on fare enforcement until June.

Though the ridership was down, a survey conducted by PwC Canada in July 2020 found that 27 percent of Canadians were still commuting to an in-person workplace.

Alsopandemic fare suspensions across the country prove fare-free transit systems aren’t just working, but are also necessary.

Q2. What is free transit?

 Free transit movements have been growing in many Canadian cities, even before the pandemic—but what does “free transit” even mean?

On the surface it’s exactly what it sounds like—a transit system citizens can use without paying fares.

The main benefits of a free system are twofold. First, giving people an incentive to take the bus instead of driving a car significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Second, free transit gives people of all backgrounds—including marginalized, low-income citizens—equal access to transportation.

Q3. What are two forms of fare-free transit?

The Amalgamated Transit Union of Canada (ATU) states there are two forms of fare-free transit.

Partially free transit allows certain riders—like young people, students or seniors—to ride for free or at a discounted rate. Partially free transit could also mean certain routes are free or transit is free at certain times, like rush hour.

Montreal’s transit service is always free for children under five years old, and sometimes free for children between six and 11. Meanwhile, the Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) and Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) offer free rides to children under 12.

These cities also offer some version of discounted fares to students, seniors, and low-income riders.

Fully free transit, on the other hand, embodies a system where public transit is fare-free for all riders regardless of age or social status.

Q4. How to contact the Rocketman Transit app?

If you have some issue or want to know something more then you can contact the Rocketman Transit app at or message them at @rocketmanapp on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


This is how you can use the Rocketman Transit App in Canada.