Top 7 Progressive Jackpot Games to Play in Canada

Top Seven Progressive Jackpot Games to Play in Canada With Your Mobile
Top Seven Progressive Jackpot Games to Play in Canada With Your Mobile

There are hundreds of progressive jackpot games to play in Canada with your mobile. All you need is to pick your mobile cellphone be it iPhone or Android and visit any Canadian-friendly online casino of your choice. Visit the online casino on your mobile browser be it chrome or safari like you do for any website. Type the casino URL or simply enter the casino name and search for the site of the casino. Now from the casino website homepage click on Join Now and enroll yourself as a player by registering yourself and creating your username and password.

Now make a friendly Canadian dollar deposit and go to the games lobby. Under the slots, the section finds the progressive jackpot games to play. It is as simple as that.

As said above there are hundreds of progressive jackpot games to play in Canada. So here we bring for you the top seven progressive jackpot games to play in Canada with your mobile that are popular among punters.

Progressive Jackpot Games to Play in Canada

As these online slots, games feature progressive jackpots they are linked across multiple games and Canadian jurisdictions, such as MegaJackpots.

Top 7 Jackpot Games to play in Canada with your mobile

  1. PowerBucks Arctic Gems
  2. PowerBucks Power Hits
  3. MegaJackpots Cleopatra
  4. MegaJackpots Siberian Storm
  5. Chain Reactors
  6. Mega Pots Bar-X Slot
  7. Medusa II Jackpots

PowerBucks Arctic Gems

Powerbucks Arctic Gems- Progressive Jackpot
Powerbucks Arctic Gems- Progressive Jackpot Games

PowerBucks Arctic Gems is a progressive Jackpot slot developed by IGT. With 50 paylines of action and even a free spins bonus, it’s the progressive jackpot that will appeal most to high-limit players.

As in all of IGT’s online POWERBUCK$ games, Arctic Gems features a progressive prize that seeds at a cool 1,000,000.00.

It has three rows and five reels, but there are an impressive 50 paylines to bet on. Coins begin at just 0.01, but you will have to bet a fixed 75 coins across all available win lines. Many of the symbols in POWERBUCK$ Arctic Gems appear stacked on the reels, and the wild symbols can help boost your regular wins.

The low-limit symbols are represented by coins featuring images of northern animals. The fox and white rabbit tend to appear the most, but it’s the glacier wild symbol that’s great for filling the gaps in winning combos.

During the base game, you will notice that some symbols on reel 1 – like the polar bear and white fox – contain multipliers. If you form a winning combination with a multiplier symbol, you will win the multiplier amount. 2x, 3x and 5x multipliers can apply. In addition, the last four reels contain ‘dynamic symbols’ that can transform into one of the creature symbols. A symbol is picked at random and will fill every reel’s dynamic position.

The beauty of playing POWERBUCK$ Arctic Gems is that any real cash bet is eligible to win a jackpot. If you bet less than 2.25 a spin, you can try to win the POWERBUCK$ Jackpot. But if you bet more than 2.25, a shot at the POWERBUCK$ Progressive is yours for the taking. However, it’s worth noting that the jackpot you can win is directly proportional to your wager.

There are actually three ways to win the big one in POWERBUCK$ Power Picks: the Power Picks bonus, the Power Path bonus, and the Stacked Wheels bonus. The Power Picks bonus features 11 lightning bolt icons (instead of animal coins) to choose from. If you hit a lightning bolt, you will fill the progressive meter. If you hit a blank, you will move further away from winning anything.

PowerBucks Power Hits

Powerbucks Power Hits- Progressive Jackpot
Powerbucks Power Hits- Progressive Jackpot Games

PowerBucks Power Hits is also a progressive jackpot game from IGT. With a progressive jackpot of over $1 Million up for grabs, this slot is the 5-reel grid that has 8 positions on each reel, There are also 3 fun ways of winning the jackpot as you pass through the PowerBucks Bonus Gateway — and these are the Power Picks Bonus Round, Power Path Bonus Round, and the Stacked Wheels Bonus Round.

Despite there being up to 300 lines to play on any spin, the maximum total bet is 60 coins a spin, whilst you can spin the reels from just 0.5 coins per spin. However, before you choose your preferred total bet, it’s worth checking out the Power Metre which you can do by clicking on the tab on the right of the reels. Playing more lines and more coins increases your chances of winning the jackpot — so choose wisely.

To unlock the gateway to the Bonus Rounds you must spin in three Bonus Symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 — and these will then give you the choice of playing either the Power Picks Bonus Round, the Power Path Bonus Round, or the Stacked Wheel Bonus Round.

In Power Picks you must try and find 11 Lightning Bolts to win the Jackpot. You will be asked to pick 10 icons, and behind each one will be a Lightning Bolt or a blank. After this, you will be offered a Power Pick which will reveal either another Lightning Bolt, a cash award, or a multiplier of 2x to 10x. If you manage to hit all 11 Lightning Bolts you’ll win the Jackpot, whilst all other combinations will also trigger a win.

In Power Path you must reach or exceed the end of the path to try and win the Jackpot, and you’ll be given 3 spins to try and do this. Each spin awards 1 to 4 moves along the path, whilst each square you land on will also award cash prizes, extra spins or multipliers.

In Stacked Wheels, you must try and collapse a total of 8 wheels to win the jackpot, and you’ll be given 3 chances of collapsing each reel — though, even if you don’t collapse all 8, you’ll win a prize for each successful collapse.

During the main game, you can also win prizes, free spins, wilds, and multipliers for spinning in a variety of different coloured ellipses, whilst there are also gems and poker symbols that will award plenty of prizes.

MegaJackpots Cleopatra

Cleopatra II
Cleopatra II- Progressive Jackpot Games

MegaJackpots Cleopatra is another progressive jackpot slot from IGT.  The Mega Jackpot version has all the favourite Cleopatra-themed payouts, but the bonuses have been super spiced up to give players the chance to hit the jackpot. Cleopatra did like the finest of everything, and even the lettered and numbered symbols are adorned with jewels, whilst the scattered symbol is none other than the Sphinx itself.

Your tour of Egypt starts with gathering the jewelled lettered and numbered symbols that some explorers believe have been left behind as clues to the bigger treasure. Gather as many matching symbols as you can as each comes with its own reward of between 2 and 125 times your stake.

There are also a lot of valuable ancient artifacts that should be gathered including the All-Seeing Eye symbols, Hieroglyphics, and Scarab Beetles. 5 All-Seeing Eyes will get you 250 times your stake, 5 sets of Hieroglyphics 400 times your stake and 5 Scarab Beetles 750 times your stake.

Then it’s on to the bonuses. Finding 5 Mega jackpot symbols anywhere on the reels can get you up to 10,000 times your stake, whilst the symbols will substitute for all other symbols except the Scattered Sphinx and will double any winning line when appearing on that line. After each spin, there is also a second-chance bonus to be played. Find 5 MegaJackpots on the centre-line and you’ll win the Progressive jackpot.

Also, keep an All-Seeing Eye out for the Scattered Sphinx symbols as 5 of these can win you 100x your total bet, whilst 3 or more will also trigger the Cleopatra Bonus of 15 free games. Free games can be retriggered multiple times up to 180 free games per bonus. During free games, all wins are also tripled.

Despite being a Mega Jackpot game, true to the ancient customs of IGT, you don’t have to pay for massive stakes – though as you’d expect the bigger the bet the more chances you have of winning big. There are 20 lines to play, all of which can be staked in several ways to suit small-stakes players and high-rollers.

MegaJackpots Siberian Storm

Siberian-storm-progressive Jackpot games

MegaJackpots Siberian Storm another wonderful progressive jackpot is from IGT gaming.  There are an amazing 720 ways to win this game, all of which can be played for just 50 coins. If you love Big Cats, then you’re going to love the beautiful tigers and snow tigers that can be found in this epic adventure – and of course, getting rewarded for finding them is just a massive bonus.

Not only has the Siberian Storm put the tigers in tremendous danger, but it has also driven up some priceless ancient treasures for you to find. Simply collect matching sets of jewelled daggers and statues to be rewarded with between 5 and 125 times your stake. Don’t stop there though as the tigers really need your help, and rescuing 5 snow tigers will be rewarded with 300 times your stake, whilst rescuing 5 other tigers will be rewarded with 400 times your stake.

Whatever you’re hunting for, always keep an eye out for the Tiger’s Eye symbols as finding 5 of them on consecutive reels will trigger 8 free games. Multiple combos can be triggered simultaneously with up to 96 free games being initially awarded. Free games can also be retriggered during the bonus up to a maximum of 240 free games.

Find 5 Mega Jackpot symbols anywhere on the reels during base games or free games and you’ll be awarded the progressive bonus. You’ll also get a second chance bonus after each spin. 4 mega symbols also award 100x your total bet, 3 symbols 20x and 2 symbols 2x. The Mega Jackpot symbol substitutes for all tiger and jewel symbols.

Wins can also be boosted further by the MultiwayXtra Bonus which pays out wins left to right and right to left.

Chain Reactors

Chain reactors slot
Chain reactors slot- Progressive Jackpot Games

Chain Reactors is made of a seven-by-seven reel set and a style of play that is very common in mobile and tablet game apps. While usually slots machines have symbols that spin on the reel set, this game has emoticons. Anyone familiar with the word “chat” in the sense of “online chat” will know that these smileys are emoticons, and they come in various characters. 

There is the ubiquitous yellow smiley, an orange shades-wearing guy, one that is shaped like a bomb, one with spikes sticking out, there is a purple girl emoticon, and several others that have been given names like Horny, Zoid, Minty, Flame, Brainy and so on. Some of the emoticons appear during the regular game, while some interject on the reel-set during the free spins, and bring with them multipliers on your total winnings. 

The overall design features are not very exciting, so you wouldn’t encounter any 3D animations and impressive sequences.

Play to connect the winning reactions that deliver 500x and 250x times your wager, plus jackpot prizes that could ring-in in at the right moment in time. The Chain Reactors slot is one of those atypical online slots that surprise you with the gameplay and the levels of fun and winnings. 

Let the like symbols drop and connect to make a cash-paying chain reaction in this unusual online slot that plays like a game app. The Chain Reactors slot has Tetris-like gameplay in which the winnings come as the result of connecting blocks of symbols in multiple directions, which then explode and leave room for new symbols which can put together more winning reactions. 

One of the gauges is the 30+ Pays Jackpot, which has the Flame and the Bomb emoticons (symbols) sitting on top of a bunch of notches, which light up as you score a big chain reaction on the Chain Reactors slots. Each consecutive chain reaction adds a notch to the meter. Now, the reactions that contain the flame symbol fill up the Flame meter and those with the Bomb fill up the corresponding meter. 

Meanwhile, on the right side of the reel set is a field that says Free Falls on top of it. The Free Falls are basically Free Spins in standard online slots. This feature is brought on when the random number (pay) generator triggers seven chain reactions without intermission.

Then the game takes on a new model in which the reel set starts to explode in chain reactions that involve the mode-specific symbols Brainy and Cyclo, which bring multipliers of up to 500x and 250x respectively when 15 connect in a reaction. The 15 free rounds can be re-triggered when another seven consecutive chain reactions occur. 

Mega Pots Bar-X Slot

Mega pots progressive Jackpot
Mega pots progressive Jackpot games

Mega Pots Bar-X Slot is another progressive jackpot game. Mega Pots Mega-X by Betdigital, where rather than trying to match a dozen different prize-winning symbols, players worry about just two icons in this game that are based on the classic Bar-X AWP format that has been a crowd favourite in the UK for decades. This isn’t the simplest version of this concept, as there are a couple of special features thrown in to make sure things don’t get boring, but the core of the game is about as easy to understand as slots come.

You’ll also be able to try a free Mega Pots Mega-X slot before you play for real money if you like, and once you do throw down some real cash, you’ll be able to choose from a number of different bet sizes. This is designed to accommodate both low-stakes players, who can bet as little as £0.20 per spin, and high rollers, who can wager as much as £200 each time they play.

The Mega Pots Mega-X video slot is a five-reel, 20-pay line slot machine in which you must match three or more prize-winning symbols in a row in order to score prizes. It doesn’t actually matter where your winning lines start: you can go from the left to the right, right to left, or even hit three in a row in the middle of the screen, as long as they are consecutive. The longer the combinations you hit, the larger your payouts will be.

While the playing field may look a lot like a tic-tac-toe board, you want to be fixed on the Xs, not the Os. The O symbols are just blanks that cannot win prizes, while the red X is one of the two prize winners on the reels. The other icon that delivers payouts is the bar. X’s can pay up to 200 times your line bet, while bars have the potential to award up to 1,000x.

There are several special features that can help improve your chances to win on this machine. First, there are larger versions of the standard winning icons, which take up 2×2 and 3×3 areas on the reels, and which count as that symbol in every position they fill. You can also improve your payouts by finding a gold bar symbol, which can substitute for regular bars and double the value of any paylines they take part in.

There are also two bonus rounds that can be triggered. First, the Pick a Coin bonus occurs if you see four or more coins anywhere on the reels. When this occurs, you’ll simply have to pick one, which will reveal an instant prize that is added to your balance. In addition, there is the Mini-Slot Free Spins Bonus, which takes place any time a mini-slot machine appears in any position on the screen.

You’ll instantly get to spin this three-reel mini-game, and if a winning combination appears, you’ll get seven more free spins. This game has its own paytable, with the top icon being the pot of gold. Hit three pots in a row, and you’ll win the progressive jackpot at the top of the reel on which the game was triggered – with reels further to the right normally offering the largest jackpots.

Medusa II Jackpots

Medusa II progressive
Medusa II progressive jackpot games

Medusa II Progressive Jackpots with enhanced graphics and features, including the chance to win any of three progressive prizes at random, should ensure success at sites that carry the range of NextGen Gaming slots and software. It’s a 243 Ways to Win game, which pays out whenever three or more of the same symbol stop in any place on adjacent reels from the left side, but there are a few bonus rewards to be had along the way, including locked reels, stacked wilds and free spins. There are some stunning animations as Medusa fills the reels, and while she battles an unfortunate soldier, which is an indication of the attention to detail common across games from this developer.

The paytable lets you review what each line of symbols is worth, and in common with many slot games, you will find the playing card symbols paying out the smaller wins. The 10, J, Q, K and A are all in a Greek style and all worth the same, returning 5x, 20x, or 50x the total stake per spin when landing on 3, 4, or 5 reels.

Other base game symbols are connected to the ancient Greek theme, with a ring, arrows, statue and gold emblem each worth a little more, while the top wins come from the creepy image of a Greek helmet, complete with snakes coming out of the eyeholes. This is worth 10x the stake when it’s on 3 reels, 25x when you see it across 4 reels and a full run across the game pays out 400x the triggering bet.

A close-up of Medusa is a wild symbol, that’s worth between 20x and 500x the bet when it lands on adjacent reels, while it’s also able to act as any base symbol to bridge gaps in a continuous run or turn a win into a higher-paying combination by stretching it across to the right-side reels. It’s a stacked wild that transforms into a full-length view of a very lithe Medusa in a little animated sequence.

A couple of treats can be had in any spin, with the Turn To Stone stacked wild feature seeing a brave soldier appearing on any reel to reveal another stack of wild symbols, which should be enough to complete a winning combination. But there’s a special Medusa’s Locked Reels feature in which any random number of reels, from just 2 to all 5, will lock together and spin up the same symbol, which can lead to some massive payouts of up to 2,430 times the stake from this venomous vixen.

The Medusa 2 logo is a scatter symbol, so doesn’t need to be on adjacent reels to be worth a win, returning 50x, 125x, or 250x the total stake when it stops in any 3, 4, or 5 places. It’s also the symbol that launches a free spins bonus game, that starts off with an initial 10 spins, but these can be retriggered up to 4 times if the scatter appears in 3 places during a bonus game. Each free spin will see the Locked Reels feature in play, pretty much guaranteeing that you will win plenty of coins before the round is over.

The progressive jackpot feature is very simple but can be very rewarding, with either the Minor, Major, or Mega jackpots awarded completely at random after a spin. It doesn’t even need to be a winning spin, which makes it even more exciting, as you never quite know when it’s going to drop.

Coin values go from a low limit of just 0.25 to a maximum of 50.00, although due to the 243 Ways to Win format, you can’t activate just a line or so for a tiny stake. Free Medusa 2 Jackpots video slots have been made available, however, you’re not going to win anything this way, and there’s a high return to player percentage, so most people will opt to play for real cash and collect real prizes.

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