Things to know about iPhone 11 Release

As per the traditional launch pattern of Apple, fans of the iPhone may not have to wait for long for the next big release.

It usually unveils its shiny new devices in the last quarter of the year and it means a big announcement is possible within the next few months.

With this update getting closer, the rumors have also started gaining momentum and it appears there’s plenty to look forward to.

Although every year the iPhone’s camera gets better, if the latest rumors are to be considered, 2019 could see a massive jump in performance.

As per the rumor, Apple might include a triple rear camera on its next iPhone which would not only better the zoom performance but also adds a wide-angle lens to the mix.

Features of New iPhone 11 Rumored

Things to know about iPhone 11 Release 1

Along with improved camera feature, there’s plenty of other new features that are set to find a place in the iPhone 11.

Apple always looks forward to improving the performance of its phones so you can expect more powerful features under the hood with the possible launch of a new chip.

Some other rumored addition features include the expected inclusion of reverse wireless charging that allows you to refill smartphones and accessories such as the new AirPods.

In addition, you could also have a faster-charging facility and improved display and much quicker Face ID unlocking technology.

The Notch is Going to Stay Here

Things to know about iPhone 11 Release 2

Many people love and many hate the notch. Some manufacturers have started ditching this design accepting a hole-punched camera or pop-up mechanisms. But iPhone sticks to the notch on the iPhone 11.

The XR was announced last year stating it is going to offer customers the opportunity to get an all-screen iPhone at a cheaper price. It might be available at a much lower cost but the fact that it’s packed with features, better performance, and colourful design has made the XR a hugely popular device already.

Although the current XR has a single lens, it seems that the next generation might get a dual-lens rear snapper. This would be greatly welcomed as it is going to offer improved photography to this phone and also the capacity to take more images using the Portrait mode.

The current XR is devoid of this DSLR-style depth of field focus feature and it is available only when the phone spots a human face which does limit its capabilities.

The Release is Due This Autumn

Things to know about iPhone 11 Release 3

You can expect a launch event to take place in September 2019. This is the usual time when Apple always reveals its new devices. But it may not arrive in stores until much later in the month. Often you may have to wait until October before officially releasing the phones shown at its famous keynote.