What Are Farming Fortunes Jackpots To Win In Canada?

What are Farming Fortunes Jackpots

Farming Fortunes Jackpots is an instant lottery type game to play and win in Canada. You can find Farming Fortunes Jackpots at most of the Canadian lotteries sites that can be played online. This game costs $0.10 to $15 and you can win top prize between $100 to $500. Playing the progressive jackpot you can win the base prize of $1000.

The theoretical prize payout is 85.10% for base game and 4.40% added to fund the progressive jackpots (0.40% for seeding the jackpot and 4% for the linked progressive jackpot). Total theoretical payout of the game therefore is 89.5%. 

Remember more than 80 per cent of Canadians can already play online casino-style games through their regulated lottery company. Atlantic Lottery joins the lottery corporations in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Manitoba in offering online gaming to players in their region.

How to play Farming Fortunes Jackpots?

How to play Farming Fortunes Jackpots
Farming Fortunes Jackpots
  • To play Farming Fortunes Jackpots you need to join any of the Canadian state lotteries like OLG, WCLC, ALC and others.
  • After your registration at the lotto site you need to fund your lottery account to play this game online.
  • You can make a friendly deposit with Canadian banking options like Paypal, Interac, Web Cash, EBP, Credit and Debit Cards.
  • Minimum deposit with credit cards is $10.
  • Adding funds to your wallet with a credit card is quick and easy, but may incur bank fees.
  • You can also fund your lottery Wallet with your Visa Debit or Mastercard Debit, allowing you to safely deposit funds from your bank account and avoid any cash advance fees credit cards may charge.  Enhanced security measures are used with Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode.

If you make a deposit with Paypal you can add funds to your wallet with just an email and a password, with your Paypal account.  PayPal requires a valid credit card attached to your PayPal account for gambling transactions. Once set up, you can still fund with your bank account and do not have to fund with that credit card. Here also the minimum deposit is $10.

If you deposit with Webcash then its an instant deposit. You can choose any amount from $5 to $80, and your WebCash will never expire!

Depositing with electronic bill payment takes 3 to 5 days and the minimum deposit is $10.

Now head to the games section<Play online< Instant Win Games>Farming Fortunes Jackpot.

You can also play for free if you want by not spending any real CAD.

Playing for real money will fetch you real wins.

When the game loads on your gaming device be it PC Or mobile simply press the REVEAL ALL button to reveal all symbols at once. Or press each of the tiles separately to reveal each in turn.

Revealing a Vegetable symbol wins the prize that corresponds to that symbol. The prize that corresponds to each symbol is shown on the PRIZE CHART Revealing a Vegetable symbol with a “x2” symbol to double the prize for that vegetable.

Features in Farming Fortunes Jackpot

Farming Fortunes Jackpots Features
Farming Fortunes Jackpots Features

The farming fortunes Jackpot is the progressive jackpot game and a Mega Wheel Game.

You need to reveal 3 star symbols during a single game to activate the BONUS GAME for a chance to win a Jackpot. The game consists of 15 barn symbols. Clicking a barn reveals a prize amount or 1 of 4 Jackpot symbols.

If 3 like prize amounts are revealed, the player wins a prize equal to one of those prize amounts. Other revealed prizes are not awarded. The Bonus Game then ends.

If 3 like jackpot symbols are revealed, the player wins the corresponding single jackpot amount for that symbol only. Other revealed prizes are not awarded. The Bonus Game then ends.

The 4 jackpot symbols are: Goat, Pig, Fox and Cow.

Progressive jackpot:

  • Goat jackpot: base prize $1,000
  • Pig jackpot: base prize $1,000
  • Fox Jackpot: base prize $1,000
  • Cow jackpot: base prize $1,000

The jackpot amount that corresponds to each animal is shown at the top of the screen.

Upon winning the game your win amounts are directly transferred to your lottery account. Suppose you are playing online games at the Atlantic lotteries site then when you win a prize of less than $9,999 your win will be deposited directly into your alc.ca account balance.  In the event that you win more than $10,000 you will receive an email providing you a claim code and instruction to contact them to complete your win process.

There are various other interesting instant wins online games to play at the Canadian lotteries which you will surely love to  play and win.

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Q1. What do the browsing options in the Instant Win lobby do?

There are two option in the browsing section of Instant Wins to assist you:

1- You can search for a particular game that you purchase often to view it right away.  

2- You can also sort the Instant Win games three ways:

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Q2. What is the Demo option in Instant Wins?

The demo option for each game will show you how the selected game is played and what winning a low tier prize will look like.

Q3. Something happened during play and I couldn’t complete my Instant Win game. What do I do?

No worries, the gaming software system is designed to save your game so you can complete your unfinished game. To locate you’re recently purchased Instant Win game go to “My Account” located in the top right hand side of our Home page.  Under “My Account” select “Account History”.  You will see a listing of your most recent transactions.  Your purchased Instant win game will be located at the top. Select “View Details” This will open up this specific unfinished game.  Here you will need to select the words “play it now”. This will load your incomplete Instant win game for you to play. 

Q4. Can I replay a game I have already completed?

Unfortunately you can not replay your Instant Win games.  If you have a question about one of your games, you can contact the lotto website Customer Care Center on their toll free number or with email to discuss your concern.

Q5. I purchased an Instant Win game last week and just remembered I did not get to play out the game. How do I locate my incomplete game?

Any Instant Win you purchase that is not played within 7 days will be completed automatically by our system.  All Instant Win games are pre-determined at the point of purchase. Any wins will be applied to your alc.ca account balance automatically.