What is Apple AirPlay 2?

What is Apple AirPlay 2?
What is Apple AirPlay 2?

Everybody nowadays has the option of Bluetooth in their handheld devices to connect with their earphones and listen to soothing music wirelessly. But in the case of Apple, you need to attach your phone to a Wi-Fi alternative known as Apple AirPlay 2.

Different alluring features such as wirelessly sending audio and video on multiple devices such as TVs, speakers, and home theatre receivers are some of them. There is also the feature of sharing multiple messages on the devices with the same software. This means other devices that have AirPlay 2 will also receive the same music if streamed into one of them. This is very convenient for Apple users.

What is Apple AirPlay 2?

What is AirPlay
What is Apple AirPlay 2?

So you want to know what is Apple AirPlay 2? AirPlay could be defined as Apple’s effort to wireless protocol suite which is predesigned for users to pass audio and video signals from one ‘sender’ to a ‘receiver’ device. The streamed content can include a variety of files such as music, video, photo, and screen sharing files as well all of which regain their metadata once sent via AirPlay.

Devices that can be used for sending include Windows computers running Apple Music, iOS devices including iPhones, iPods, and iPads, and Mac computers having the MacOS Mountain Lion or something else of the sort. Receiver devices may include Apple’s AirPort Express routers, Apple’s HomePod speakers Apple TVs and several supporting third-party speakers.

What does AirPlay 2 do?- What is Apple AirPlay 2?

What does AirPlay 2 do
What does AirPlay 2 do- What is Apple AirPlay 2?

AirPlay 2 was announced in 2017. It helps you enjoy even more control over the AirPlay devices through Apple’s home kit platform.

There is the option of adding AirPlay 2 to Apple’s Home App to label these devices as AirPlay 2 and add them to rooms and scenes which is very convenient to the fans of Apple’s Siri voice assistant because Siri can then control any devices that the HomeKit recognizes. Once this is set up you can give any command to Siri regarding the music that it controls through the HomeKit. This however only works for those who have an Apple Music subscription.

AirPlay 2 is a device that can also control streaming video on many devices than just Apple TV. There is also an option for other smart TVs in AirPlay 2 such as Samsung, LG, Vizio, and Sony. This means that AirPlay 2 now controls even these devices.


So now that you know, what is Apple AirPlay 2, we hope that you could get all your answers through this blog about it.