No Deposit Bonus Casinos And What To Be Aware Of

No Deposit Bonus Casinos and What to be Aware of
No Deposit Bonus Casinos and What to be aware of

No Deposit bonus..Oh Wow…I wanna this at once…it’s free money why shouldn’t I take it…But wait…wait…slow down..yes you are told to stop for a while and know in detail what this no deposit is and what you need to be aware of.

No deposit bonuses are bonuses that online casinos offer you like free money to play at the casino especially when you join for the first time. This means you are not required to make any real money deposit in CAD at first when you join the online casino to play slots for your iPhone but can play with free real cash offered by a casino to you.

So how much money will you get in free-to-play as a no-deposit bonus? Most online casinos offer between $5- $25 free money to play slots or other casino games, this free cash depends on the casino to the casino and the amount can vary thus.

How can No Deposit Bonus Casinos afford to give away free money?

The answer, as always, lies in marketing. This is how some casinos spread the word about their offering, and reach out to new potential players to showcase what they’ve got. Often, you’ll find no deposit bonuses are much less generous than deposit bonuses, but it is possible to use these free credit and free games to win real money.

No deposit bonus may not always be free money… then what?

There are several different types of no-deposit bonuses you’ll come across. The first type is the straightforward no-deposit bonus – essentially fixed credits awarded by the casino with every newly created account which said above may be $5 or $10 – a small amount that you can use to try out what the casino has to offer. There’s no risk with these bonuses whatsoever, and you can use them in most cases before you’ve even made your first deposit. Yet any money you win is real and subject to the wagering requirements, it’s yours to keep.

Free Spin Bonus

Another hugely common type of no-deposit bonus is the free spins bonus, which you can often find linked to one or more specific slot games. Essentially, instead of being given free bonus credit to play across the games of your choice, you’re given straight-up free spins on one or more slots. Anything you win from these slots is similarly yours forever, so long as you meet the wagering requirements and don’t go on to lose it on your paid-for spins.

You’ll often find free spins bonuses tied to a specific slot the casino is looking to promote in Royal Vegas casino you are offered free spins on certain slot games, and sometimes the games available will change, depending on newly launched slots titles, or the casino’s own strategy for marketing their games.

You’ll also find free-time play bonuses without the need for any deposit, but these are a little rarer. These give you a set period of time, usually an hour or so, in which you can play for free and win as much money from the casino as you can. Again, there are the usual wagering requirements and restrictions in place to prevent bonus abuse, but this can be another great way to get your start.

No Deposit Bonuses

Most no-deposit bonuses you will come across are designed for new players. In order to qualify for these bonuses, including free no-deposit bonus credit, you usually need to sign up for an account for the first time, and download the casino software or play instant games with iPhone apps or otherwise in order to claim your bonus. No deposit bonuses that are specifically targeting new players will mention this clearly in the terms and conditions, and this counts for the majority of these bonuses you’ll see advertised.

But it’s not just new players who can take advantage of these bonuses. From time to time, casinos will run promotions, usually offering free spins or free timed play, and these offers are often extended to their existing player base. Again, it will be specified in the terms and conditions which types of players are eligible, but as a loyal player, you can expect bonuses in various shapes and sizes, although perhaps most commonly free spins.

So why stop and think about the no-deposit bonus?

A no-deposit bonus deal gives a new player a certain amount of free cash or free spins to use before depositing real funds as said above ..right. But almost always restrictions such as wagering requirements are lurking in the terms and conditions of such bonuses. The bottom line is that casinos tend to have hidden ways to avoid paying out winnings to players who use no-deposit bonus CAD.

In the case of no deposit or ‘free’ bonuses, most players get even less than nothing. That’s because they waste loads of time trying to satisfy wagering requirements only to discover it’s next to impossible to bag any winnings booty within rule deadlines.

Then why do online casinos offer this bonus?

Interesting and valid question but casinos are a business themselves. They resist suffering losses that result from their no-deposit bonus claims and promises and sign-up bonuses. Some casinos give out millions of these freebies, so they must reduce their liability and restrict vulnerability to fraud on a grand scale.

Casinos want new players to come to their casino so offer these free bonuses to attract them and want players to try games without losing cash.

No Deposit bonus and slots games


No deposit bonuses are attractive to slot players as slot machines are simple to play and don’t require any skill. Also, slots appeal because they have the right combination of big jackpots and an even playing field everyone is in with the same chance of hitting that progressive prize.

Online slots tend to be included in no deposit bonus offers, and will usually contribute most heavily toward your wagering requirements. Additionally, you’ll also find free spins and no deposit bonuses as being a very common offer from different casinos, giving you the chance to try your luck at one or more specific slot games.

As said earlier these spins must often be used up within a set time period, and in many cases are restricted to certain particular games. But they are still a great way to get a feel for different casinos and their games, not to mention an excellent chance to win some decent money while you’re there.

What to be aware of finally?

Know the wagering requirement associated with these no-deposit bonuses. Essentially, wagering requirements are a multiple of your free bonus amount sometimes bonus plus deposit amount, in the case of some deposit bonuses. This might be 3x-50x, depending on the type of bonus deal you’re looking at.

What this means is that you can’t withdraw any winnings from your bonus, or any winnings from your account full stop, until you’ve met the wagering requirement. So if your free bonus was worth S10, and your wagering requirements stand at 5x, you need to wager $50 before you can withdraw any of the winnings from your bonus.

These vary between different casinos and different types of bonuses. Also, no deposit bonuses generally have lower wagering requirements than deposit bonuses, but they are just one of several tools the casinos use to cover their own back.

So read these terms as you’ll need to meet them later down the line. But on a positive note that also means you shouldn’t avoid taking any deposit bonus as many players have attained great wins with no deposit bonuses, and this is an excellent way to find an online casino you like for real money play.

Casinos with the Best No Deposit Bonuses

Here are a few No Deposit bonus Canadian-friendly casinos you can rely on. These casinos are legit casinos to play with and offer a great variety of slots, esports, table games and other casino games to enjoy, you can deposit in CAD or Bitcoins in Canadian-friendly deposit options.

1. 888 Casino

888 Casino- No Deposit bonus

2. Royal Vegas Casino

25 free spins as No Deposit
25 free spins as No Deposit

3. Platinum Play

Platinum play casino

4. Karamba Casino

Karamba casino
Karamba casino

5. All Slots Casino


Besides these popular online casinos, there are various others to join when looking for a no-deposit bonus.

Really you are looking for a no deposit problem.

  • Just search or find a no-deposit bonus: list of trustworthy casinos based on the type of no-deposit bonus you are looking for.
  • Either click on the casinos provided here or type the casino URL on your safari browser.
  • Create your account at the casino and claim the bonus. In some cases, this will be with a code, or it may be automatically applied by the casino. If you are unsure, check out their bonus terms and conditions first so you’re more informed when the time comes.
  • Note these are no deposit bonuses, so don’t go depositing over the top of them until you’ve had a chance to make full use of your bonus.
  • Now get to work with your bonus on eligible games, trying as hard as you can to make the bonus pay dividends. Remember, you keep everything you win, increase your bankroll to play more or cash out that’s your choice.
  • You need to meet the bonus wagering requirements before you are eligible to get your hands on your no-deposit winnings. You might also be subjected to maximum winnings clauses, but you should have enough experience in the casino to make an informed decision by the time you meet these requirements.
  • So if you met your wagering requirements it’s time to withdraw against your bonus and enjoy the wins in CAD.

No deposit bonus would be simple enough if you read the terms carefully, that’s what you need to be aware of. Enjoy!


This is everything there is to know about the No Deposit Bonus Casino and What to be aware of.