3888 Ways of The Dragon Slot Machine

Released in November 2018, 3888 Ways of the Dragon is a new Chinese themed online slot, but there is something offbeat about it, and it’s not only the snazzy design that will make it interesting for players. Offering several ways to win than a regular slot, and with its other features, it’s got a real shot at becoming one of the most popular Chinese themed games for many players.

This game will have only 5 reels to play, thanks to an unusual design which we’ll talk about in this piece of blog. This slot can offer as much as $388,800 for a single round, in addition, it also delivers features like free spins, scatters, dragon spins and the usual wilds.

Betting and Prizes

3888 Ways of The Dragon Slot Machine 1

It is quite easy and cheap to play this slot as you require only 30 coins in the wager to start with since the minimum denomination is $0.01. You wager as little as $0.30, or you can increase the amount to the maximum of $30. The line value is not that high, as it reaches a maximum of $1.

Of course, you do not get that high rewards also, the best winning combo will pay only 100 coins, or $100. In addition, quite a few wilds are used inside, and then there are so many ways to win, so the potential reward for one spin is as high as $388,800.


3888 Ways of The Dragon Slot Machine 2

That one thing that gives an edge to this slot is the layout as discussed earlier. It features 5 reels, 3 symbols for reel 1 and 6 symbols for each of the reels 2 through 5. This offers it 3888 ways to win in total so the name.

With a title that has the term dragon, it’s quite natural for the main feature symbols of the game to also this dangerous creature. It is the wilds of the slot, so should they land on the right reel, they will add to the formation or improvement of any winning combination that relates to that column. It’s the benefit of the wild which is found in slot machines which have ways to win as well.

Dragon Spin

3888 Ways of The Dragon Slot Machine 3

The game has minimum one random feature to deliver, the Dragon Spin. This golden dragon, if flies in, can give you 2 to 8 additional extra substituting symbols. These new symbols will in return offer you a new calculation for the round’s payouts.

You will also get the normal free spins if you get to appear 3 or 4 scatters in one round. The reward you will receive will have 8 free spins for 3 symbols, or 18 if you had 4. At this stage, the chance of triggering Dragon Spins is higher, so the free spins are the best bet there than the base game rounds in terms of potential.

Theme and Layout

3888 Ways of The Dragon Slot Machine 4


As already stated, it’s an unusual looking layout but the theme is one that you will identify immediately. Inspired by China, it will offer Asian dragons, frogs with gold coins, paper lanterns, gold coins and gold ingots with numbers on them. It is one of the top Chinese themed slot machines when it comes to graphics.


3888 Ways of the Dragon is a good and enjoyable slot to play thanks to several things from iSoftBet for its graphics, its unusual layout and the features it offers. And also for the amazing potential of up to 12,960x the stake.