How to Add Music to an Instagram Story With Your iPhone?

How to add music to Instagram stories
How to add music to an Instagram story

You can now add music to an Instagram story. Recently Facebook has announced that you can now add music to various posts on its social network, along with Instagram, thanks to the launch of Facebook Music in Canada. The ability to add music to social media posts has been available outside of Canada for a while now, but now Canadians can even do this.

Now you’ll be able to add music and lyrics to your Stories on Facebook or Instagram and also be able to customize the style and shape of lyrics, like a sticker. Lyrics will show up automatically if they are available for a song.

Facebook says over 24 million Canadians now use Facebook so for your Facebook profile, you can now add videos with music and pin songs to your profile, so friends can “learn more about your musical taste and preferences. According to Facebook, one of the ways this comes to life is through the music people can search for and share. They have created unique Canadian-specific themes, so when searching for a song to include in a personal video or Story, people across Canada will find a huge library of music by Canadian artists. This includes beloved icons, chart-topping artists, as well as indigenous artists like Snotty Nose Rez Kids and Francophone artists like Marie-Mai, in addition to millions of international songs.

For Instagram Stories, you can now add music to the questions sticker, which lets your friends respond with a song from the music library.

How to add music to an Instagram story with your iPhone?

How to add music to an Instagram story with your iPhone
How to add music to an Instagram story with your iPhone

To add music directly from Instagram or grab tunes from your favourite music streaming services, like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Shazam. All you need is to follow the simple steps given below:

To add music directly from Instagram, tap the camera button or the Your Story icon to start your story.

On the camera screen, snap your photo or video. Apply whatever filters or special effects you want.

When you’re ready to add a tune to your story, tap the Sticker icon at the top of the screen.

Then tap the Music sticker.

How to add music to an Instagram story with your iPhone- Guide
How to add music to an Instagram story with your iPhone- Guide

For a particular song go to the music screen, and use the search field at the top of the screen to look for a particular tune. You can search by song, artist, or album.

Now tap the Play button to hear a short clip. If you don’t have a particular song or artist in mind, browse through Popular, Genres (rock, pop, jazz, classical, cinematic), or Moods (fun, upbeat, romantic, mellow).

When you’re ready to make a selection, tap the song you want in your story. If you’re using a static image for your story, the music will run for a max of 15 seconds. If you’re working with a video, that Instagram cuts into separate 15-second segments, the music will play for as long as the entire video runs.

With a photo, you’ll now have the opportunity to determine what portion of the track plays in your story. Move the slider bar until you find the section of a song you want to be added. Tap the photo thumbnail to change its image.

Some songs offer multiple images from which you can choose, and some even offer lyrics that appear on the screen as the music plays. When you’re satisfied with the image you’ve chosen, tap Done and the song is added to your story in the form of a sticker.

Once you’ve finalized your music selection, the song appears as a sticker in your story.

How to add music to an Instagram story with your iPhone- Simple steps
How to add music to an Instagram story with your iPhone- Simple steps

You will have a few options here:

  •  You can choose where the sticker will be placed in your story by moving it around the screen with your finger.
  • Change the size of the sticker by pinching and expanding two fingers. Use two fingers and twist to change the orientation of the sticker. Double-tap it to return to the previous screen, which changes the appearance of the sticker, and then tap Done to return to your story.
  • If you’ve recorded a video, you can do even more with your sticker before you post the story. Hold down on it and you’ll be able to pin the sticker to a specific person or object in the video. This means the sticker will move along with the object as it moves in the video.

When you’re done tweaking the music, tap the Your Story icon to publish your story with the music selection. Alternatively, if you want only specific people to see it, you can either tap Close Friends to send it to a custom group of people, or tap Send To and select which users should get it.

To view your story, tap the Your Story icon. Your story appears with the music automatically playing. Tapping the song label pauses the music and brings up a music player with a play/pause button and other options. Your followers can view your story and play music in the same way.

You can also add music to an existing photo or video that you want to use in a story.

How to add music to an Instagram story with your iPhone
How to add music to an Instagram story with your iPhone-

For this tap the camera icon in the upper left. Swipe up to see your photo library. Select the photos or videos you want to add to your story and tap Next. To add music, tap the sticker icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen, then select the Music sticker.

Now add music to a photo or video you snapped within the Instagram app. Find the music you want and select it. Then choose what part of the song will play. Tap Done to place the Music sticker into your story.


We hope that the above steps will help you in selecting the best music for your Instagram story and how to add them.