12 Best iPhone Music Apps To Download

12 Best iPhone Music Apps to Download
12 Best iPhone Music Apps to Download

Music is considered to be the soul of life for many around the world. Depending on the different circumstances and predicaments we face in our lives, our taste for music varies accordingly. For certain situations it might be rock and roll, however, for others, it might be just jazz and other forms of music. However, what if you are unable to find that one song that you need to soothe your soul in order to calm you down in tumultuous times? This is exactly where you need to make sure to have some decent apps around in your iPhone to make the music listening experience all the more worthwhile.

Apple’s iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world, and if you’re a music lover, you’d like to enjoy a great range of music on the iPhone. iPhone is packed with a range of different types of apps starting from dating apps to QR scanners, your phone is capable of nearly anything these days.

I have rounded up the Best iPhone Music Apps that will make your life simpler, easier, and more enjoyable. Start downloading them now.

Best iPhone Music Apps to Download

1. Apple Music

Apple Music
Apple Music- iPhone Music Apps

Apple Music is the native music app associated with your Apple account to give you personal recommendations based on your library. Here, you can create your profile and playlists, and follow friends to see and try out their music. You can opt for student, individual, or family packs which will cost from $5 to $15 per month. Hence it is one of the Best iPhone Music Apps.


Apple Music is considered to be one of the most used and beloved music streaming sites available for public use. With its ground-breaking accountability to hold multiple musical records across the cloud, there are other features to the app as well. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. It comprises more than 100 million songs and 30,000+ playlists that are ad-free.
  2. It also offers curated and customized playlists as well as live radio.
  3. There is also an offline feature to Apple music that lets you download the song while online and play it while you are in offline mode.
  4. You can listen to this app across many devices.
  5. With the spatial surround sound around you, there won’t be anything better for you to choose than Apple Music.

Pros and Cons of Apple Music


  1. All the users who register for the first time get a three-month free trial period. As a result, it has a feasible price range.
  2. Since it has a wide music catalogue, you might think it can get a lot more difficult to find music but that is not the case since it is really easy to find your favourite songs.
  3. There are multiple features, one of them being the ‘offline mode’ which allows people to install the songs and listen to them while taking a break from the internet.


  1. Apple Music lacks some serious ad-supported tier which is not the case when it comes to Spotify hence, people choose to prefer that over Apple Music.
  2. Apple Music also locks all your downloaded songs with Apple FairPlay Protection which is why it can become quite cumbersome to enjoy these songs.


First, you are rewarded with a free three-month trial for all new users of Apple Music. Eventually, a $10.99 per month subscription plan is ascribed to the users who are needed to use the app for the rest of the month.


2. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio
TuneIn Radio- iPhone Music Apps

With over 120,000 live radio stations from across the globe, TuneIn Radio is the place to go for the latest breaking news, sports, talk radio, and more. It’s a big app for sports fans though, as TuneIn offers a premium service with ad-free access to live MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL games for just $10 per month. But if you’re not into sports, you still have thousands of live radio stations for free to make your day. As a result, this is one of the Best iPhone Music Apps.

Features of TuneIn Radio

With TuneIn Radio on your device, there is no need to worry since they guarantee to offer you the best music listening experience you can find online for public use. A few features that separate them from the rest in the bunch are:

  1. You can use this app on your iPhone, Android, or any other compatible device that allows TuneIn Radio to play music.
  2. It provides more than 50,000+ stations and 120,000+ shows from across the world.
  3. Your iPhone’s GPS also allows you to access the local radio stations with the help of this app.

Pros and Cons of TuneIn Radio


  1. Contains 4 million+ podcasts, 100,000+ broadcast radio stations, as well as 40,000+ audiobooks for listening.
  2. You can also rewind and record live radio footage.
  3. Lets you listen to the recently started broadcasts.


  1. The newer design is not nearly as intuitive as the older one.
  2. Every now and then you will find a piece of blocked content.


The standing price for TuneIn Radio is $10 per month and you can enjoy all the melodious content that his app has available to offer for public use.


3. Spotify

Spotify- iPhone Music Apps

Spotify is a game-changer for the entire music segment. You can access it for free on PCs and tablets, but you need to shell out $10 a month if you want to fully use it on iPhone. But, it’s worth it. You can listen to full albums and create playlists. So this app was made into the list of the Best iPhone Music Apps.

Features of Spotify

  1. Spotify offers you the ability to calculate the audio features of the tracks in the parameters of their danceability, valence, energy, and other features.
  2. Based on your needs, Spotify provides multiple, fully-featured playback solutions.
  3. The Spotify algorithm, based on your music taste and genres, never fails to recommend you the closest unheard songs that are alien to you.

Pros and Cons of Spotify


  1. All you need to do to get started is to register an account for free on the app.
  2. You are also allowed to share your music experience with others such as your family and friends to let them know what you’ve been listening to lately.
  3. There is also the option of installing songs as well as podcasts in the meantime.


  1. Lately, Spotify has removed the lyrical option that used to appear at the bottom of the screen.
  2. The subscription for a yearly Spotify plan can be quite exorbitant.


It provides $10 for a month of unlimited use which amounts to $120 a year without any discount offers for the premium version of the app.


4. Soundcloud


Being an audio player, SoundCloud has become a favourite of musicians, talk shows and podcasts. The iOS app will give access to your favourites, playlists, and trending audio, and allows you to follow and listen to the music with your friends. This makes this app one of the Best iPhone Music Apps.

Features of SoundCloud

Some of the features of SoundCloud as an app on the iPhone are:

  1. It offers audience analysis to the users.
  2. There is also the feature of texting/messaging on this app.
  3. You can not only access SoundCloud on PC but also on mobiles nowadays.

Pros and Cons of SoundCloud


  1. Since it is built around audience interaction, as a music app the audience engagement doubles compared to an average music app as users can text each other about their favourite songs.
  2. This app is also perfect for listening to podcasts since you no longer require separate dedicated apps that offer podcast content and which you require a subscription to listen to.


  1. Your existing podcast episodes will not be automatically imported by SoundCloud.
  2. IAB compliance can be quite an issue for many SoundCloud users since it is too IAB compliant.


There are in total three pricing options. The free version is where you do not have to spend any money. The other two start at $2.50 and $8 per month with their respective features and amenities.


5. Shazam


It’s an app to identify music, movies, ads and more. As there’s no use having all these music apps if you don’t know what’s playing. Using Shazam, you can identify a song and once done, it’ll also let you know which services you can use to buy or stream your new jam. And so, this app is considered to be one of the Best iPhone Music Apps.

Features of Shazam

  1. The best feature of Shazam is that it can identify songs that you are curious about or have never known before yet want to know.
  2. It also shows you lyrics in real time so that you can know them and sing along if you feel like it.
  3. It also offers the option of sharing the new or existing music that you found on the app with your family and friends.

Pros and Cons of Shazam


  1. You can identify unheard songs in an instant and tag them as your favourites.
  2. Provides lyrical notes to sing and hum along to the beat of the music.


  1. One major con is that you cannot hum or sing the beat of the song yourself to identify the song that you have a general idea about.
  2. Also, tagged songs cannot be bookmarked for later reference


Shazam is free of cost and can be utilized for public use since it is available on both the App Store as well as Google Play.


6. Garageband


Garageband is more about making music, rather than listening to it! So it is one of the best iPhone music apps you will find. You can’t go wrong with Garageband’s collection of tools and instruments. It is packed with the cello and the electric guitar, the most ’80s of all instruments like the synth. It’s completely free, and worth the download, even if you’re not aware of one end of a piano from the other.

Features of Garageband

  1. With the help of this app, you can create your own music and shower the app with your own creativity regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner.
  2. There is also the option of recording any sounds or musical instruments.
  3. Play around with different sounds and create your own music to make a mellifluous masterpiece.

Pros and Cons of Garageband


  1. This app has the best multitouch feature which allows you to play Smart instruments, multitrack, and initiate DJ Loops.
  2. It is quite convenient to add a click track whenever required.
  3. Provides different sizes of MP3s to export.


  1. Cannot view the elapsed time or purchase more Apple Loops.
  2. There is no availability of the VU meter in AudioRecorder or brass and woodwind in any of the Smart Instruments.


One of the most exciting features of Garageband is that it is totally free of cost hence, you can go haywire on your musical expertise.

7. Amazon Music

Amazon Music
Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a music service platform that you might have access to, you just are oblivious about it. If you’re another one of the many Amazon Prime subscribers, you will also have the access to Prime Music. As it’s free (for Prime members), Prime Music offers you to download songs to your iPhone as well as Android device.

If you don’t feel like paying for a streaming service, and you are only required to utilize offline music from time to time, give Prime Music a shot. Amazon’s music discovery with its sharing features is still nowhere close to Spotify. However, as a standalone simple offline music installer as well as a player, it’s worth the trouble. So it’s one of the best iPhone music apps

Features of Amazon Music

Amazon Music is one of the best music streaming platforms around the world. Below are some of its features that differentiate them in a class of their own:

  1. It comprises 100 million ad-free songs along with 15000+ podcast episodes.
  2. Unlimited offline downloads.
  3. You can also follow your favourite podcasts.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Music


  1. After picking a subscription pack, the entire Amazon Music catalogue is available to you for leisure.
  2. There is also a 30-day free trial that goes with first-time users of this app.
  3. For Prime members, you get monthly discounted pricing and annual renewal options.


  1. Since the only discount you get is if you are a member of Prime, the price isn’t any different than Apple Music or Spotify.
  2. There isn’t any specific number to show the music number.


A monthly subscription amounts to $9.99 which makes it the same price as Apple Music or Spotify.

8. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio
Slacker Radio

Features of Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is another popular app that allows you to stream the best radio stations (majorly sports) from all around the world. It also has an amazingly famous music component. If you’re the sort of person who enjoys listening to music from multiple countries, Slacker Radio is considered to be quite a good choice.

Slacker Premium ($9.99/month) takes it one notch higher than that. Slacker Radio has a patent-pending technology that will allow you to install content from different online stations. So you can continue to listen to your absolute favourite stations, ad-free, even if you aren’t connected to the internet or are offline. So it is one of the best iPhone music apps.

Pros and Cons of Slacker Radio


  1. Impeccable sound quality.
  2. On-demand streaming.
  3. Live ESPN radio.


  1. Live streaming, lyrics, and rewinding might not be available for every single song.
  2. There isn’t any music guide available in the app.


There are two different subscription plans for this app.

  1. Slacker Radio Plus- $3.99
  2. Slacker Radio Premium- $9.99

9. Pandora


Pandora is quite popular for its set-it-up-and-forget-it-efficient radio service. Choose a particular song and just let Pandora pour the next few hours with similar-sounding music. An on-demand component has also been added by Pandora. If you buy Pandora Premium ($9.99/month), you can install as many songs as you would like to listen to when offline.

If you’re an avid Pandora user, it might be quite worth it. Utilize Pandora’s Music Genome Project to find more songs as well as albums that you admire, then add all of them to your library and then bag them with you offline via the same app.

Features of Pandora

  1. No need of skimming through the plethora of music albums, songs, and other artists, instead just choose to listen to the music that you like and rebuff the ones that you aren’t a fan of.
  2. Find music similar to the ones that you have already liked.
  3. Pandora is compatible with Alexxa.

Pros and Cons of Pandora


  1. It offers both free as well as premium music services, however, be ready to consume ads while listening to the free version.
  2. Access is provided to millions of songs and libraries available to you with a click away.


  1. Only available in the US, New Zealand, and Australia.
  2. There isn’t a family plan available for Pandora Plus and Premium.


Pandora Premium costs about $9.99 per month and is also available as a free version.

10. Google Play Music


Just like Apple Music might be the best option for Apple users, Google Play Music is also one of them if you have adopted the Google ecosystem. There are multiple cool things you can perform with Google Play Music.

Features of Google Play Music

Google Play Music works almost everywhere from the web (wherever there is a robust player) to the iPhone. However, it still works insanely well on Android, with Google Assistant integration.

Google Play Music’s UI is beginning to look quaint. However, the latest revamp took a playlist-first-centric approach to the service. Through the $9.99/month Google Play Music Unlimited package, you can also install music for offline listening.

Pros and Cons of Google Play Music


  1. Amazing content
  2. Both free and premium plans
  3. Free access to Youtube Red


  1. No Lyrics are available.
  2. Unavailable in multiple countries.


The premium package costs about $9.99 per month and a free version is also available.

11. YouTube Music

YouTube Music
YouTube Music

YouTube Music is the absolute newbie to the game, and it’s quite good for music that you might not find elsewhere. YouTube has a humongous collection of cover songs, alternative versions of songs, as well as live concerts.

The free plan allows you to listen to music for free with ads interrupting you occasionally. If you buy the $9.99/month YouTube Music Premium subscription package, you can hear music in the background and also install music for offline use.

Features of Youtube Music

  1. Background play for music and videos is available with this app.
  2. There is an option for audio mode only.
  3. It supports an ads-free version with it.

Pros and Cons of Youtube Music


  1. The music catalogue is really diverse.
  2. It also comprises an expansive music library.
  3. It also features Youtube Premium with it.


  1. The free version includes in-built limitations to it such as no background play.
  2. It contains restricted non-music content.


It comprises both the free version as well as the premium version which costs around $9.99 per month.

12. Free Music Download Pro

Free Music Download Pro- Best iPhone Music Apps
Free Music Download Pro

Features of Free Music Download Pro

Install all of the multimedia content with just one application! All the installed files will be in one download list, from where you can maintain the playlist, copy them and rename them to any preferable place on the device. The program also has its own built-in player with a meticulously thoughtful interface for hearing audio and video files. The library also supports many playlists, purchases ratings of songs and additionally– an editor of tags with lyrics of songs.

The Free Music Download Pro – is also applicable for the many fans the download a huge amount of multimedia content that faces problems with managing and renaming installed multimedia data. The application will largely inculcate the task of installing and filtering files and their listening.

Pros and Cons of Free Music Download Pro


  1. It offers a streamlined as well as a smooth-running in-app web browser.
  2. Interrupted downloads can be resumed instantaneously.
  3. It also supports background playback.


  1. It does not have a free version to it.


1. What are the best music apps for iPhone?

The best music apps for iPhone are subjective and depend on personal preferences. However, some of the top music apps for iPhone include Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, Napster, Jango Radio, and TuneIn Radio.

2. What features should I look for in a music app for iPhone?

The features to look for in a music app for iPhone may include a vast music library, personalized recommendations, an easy-to-use interface, offline listening, high-quality sound, and availability of exclusive content.

3. Are these music apps free or require a subscription?

Most music apps offer both free and paid subscription plans, but the full features and libraries are usually only available with a paid subscription. Some music apps, such as Pandora and iHeartRadio, offer a free version with limited features and advertisements.

4. How much do the music app subscriptions cost?

Subscription costs vary by app and plan. Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and Amazon Music all offer monthly subscription plans ranging from $9.99 to $19.99 per month. YouTube Music, Deezer, SoundCloud, iHoffersadio, Napster, Jango Radio, and TuneIn Radio offer both free and paid subscription plans.

5. Can I use these music apps without an internet connection?

Most music apps require an internet connection to stream music. However, some offer the option to download songs or playlists for offline listening.

6. Can I use these music apps on other devices besides my iPhone?

Many music apps are available on multiple platforms, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart speakers. It is recommended to check the app’s compatibility with your other devices before subscribing.

7. Do these music apps have a social feature?

Some music apps, such as Spotify and SoundCloud, have a social feature that allows users to share their playlists and music preferences with friends and follow other users for music recommendations.


These are some of the most popular and widely used music apps that offer multiple features making you a musician also not only a music listener. Almost all of these apps contain both free as well as premium versions to them. Even their prices don’t exceed a certain range. Some of them are also available for Android so check them all out and pick the one that suits you the most.